Another Brother Gone

Another brother gone …

Another loving father won’t kiss his children goodnight.

Another charming son won’t share the highlights of his life.

Another African-American man, senselessly gunned down, leaving his grieving family in pain.

Terence Crutcher- say his name…we want accountability so his life won’t be in vain.


“He was unarmed, no weapons in the vehicle.”

 “Cops prejudged my brother”

“…Make it a hate crime, put people in jail. Murdering cops need to lose their job, livelihood and freedom”

Rest in Heaven

Terence Crutcher, age 40

Aspiring Gospel Singer, Devoted father of 4 (three girls ages 15, 15, 12, one son age 4) , Son of Reverend Crutcher,  and student at Tulsa Community College

Murdered in Tulsa Oklahoma by police on September 16, 2016


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