We Are All We Got!

We are ALL WE Got!!

Since I can remember, even in my years as a young child, I’ve always had a heart for people. I love to see people flourish and doing well. I love to help people tap into their innermost awesomeness because I strongly believe that “where” you are does not define “who” you are. You have to smile through the sunshine and the rain, the good times and the pain. You can be up 1 minute and completely down the next but it’s life. And it’s Ok.
Everything is going to be ok.
Embrace life at every stage because as sure as you have breath in your body…the obstacles of life will forever be present. The challenge comes in learning HOW to deal with life.  Part of my purpose during this humbling earth walk (life cycle), is to encourage, uplift, empower and motivate. I’ve been on this journey of empowering the community professionally and bringing positivity to people since 2010… 
Check out the timeline of some of the events I’ve organized and hosted below… I don’t even feel like I’ve scratched the surface yet. I’m forever evolving as a women but my message is simple and has remained the same….WE ARE ALL WE GOT! 

December 2010, Virginia Beach, Virginia
(Me on the right, hosting my Women’s Empowerment Conference)
There were more than 200 attendees
April 2011 (Brooklyn, NY | Me hosting my Women’s Empowerment Conference)

June 2011 (My book signing party, yes I’m a self published author:)
June 2011 (Harlem, NY | Me on the JayEveryday Radio Show)

2011 (Me mentoring the youth at a Community Day event at the Norview Rec Center, Norfolk, VA)

Pic 2 ….2011 (Me mentoring the youth at a Community Day event at the Norview Rec Center)
November 2011 | Me teaching my “Make Me Over” Beauty Workshop | Chesapeake, VA 
Pic 2….November 2011 | Me with a few ladies from my “Make Me Over” Beauty Workshop 
June 2012 | Me in the yellow hosting a
Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon at the Norfolk Waterside Sheraton Hotel 
February 2013 | Top Earners in MLM (me on far left in blue)
October 2013 | Me teaching my “Struck By Beauty”
Self Esteem and Confidence Building workshop to a teen class at the Titus Town Rec Center | Norfolk, VA 
May 2014 | My Natural Hair Photoshoot on International Natural Hair Meet Up Day

November 2013 | Me  on the far left with the staff of my 1st blog
January 2014 | Me (red skirt) hosting the Braid Lounge Academy Grand Opening 
October 2015 | Me teaching My Natural Hair Symposium 

 We are ALL we Got!! What have you done lately?

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