5 Tips for Hair Growth

One of the most frequent questions I get from fellow naturals, my sis-Stars, and parents of little mini-Queens is:

What do you need to do to grow your hair?

It’s interesting that some people think some miracle product will do this for you. That’s not true. If it was..there would already be a company selling it and that company would be out of business because the demand would undoubtedly supersede the supply.

There’s a combination of things you need to do to assist your tresses in growing. I want to share a few tips that I personally practice to retain my length. Length retention is important to me because I desire waist-length natural hair. That’s not everyone’s goal but if you do want longer tresses then make these 5 simple tips a habit.

1. Be Gentle!  I really can’t stress this most important step enough.  Stop combing out all your hair. Stop being heavy handed, there’s no need for that.  Hair is not welded into your scalp lol, it can and will come out when man handled.  The root of every piece of hair on your head is connected to a small bulb.  Attached to that bulb are blood vessels, glands and muscles that assist your hair in growing.  So bruh…stop yanking it out from it’s  source. Also opt for low manipulation styles.  Low manipulation is handling hair at the bare minimum and this is important because hair is delicate.


2. Stick to a consistent wash schedule.  I wash my hair at least once a week to cleanse it from product buildup.  In the summer months I wash it more frequently than that because I honestly just love the way the water feels on my scalp.  Another wash related tip: cleanse your hair with warm water and rinse it with cool water.  Why should you rinse with cool water? Well, hot water stripes hair of it’s moisture.  The cool water shocks your hair cuticle closed and as a result your shaft is better protected and feels smoother to the touch.  I’ve also noticed that when I rinse my hair with distilled water it’s even softer than usual.  What’s the difference between using distilled water and tap water you might ask.  Studies show that tap water causes buildup on your hair shaft and can cause dryness.  Check out full details of my wash regimen here.

3. Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.  This is self explanatory.  Moisturizing your hair is a key factor in length retention.  Moisturize it to avoid breakage.  There is nothing more concerning than running your fingers through your hair and having hair chips fall all around you.  That ain’t cute. I experienced that in my relaxed days.  Honey I will never go back to that mess.  If you want to keep your hair from tangling and knotting then keep it moisturized luvs.

4. Minimize Breakage. So we just talked about moisturizing to minimize breakage but there are other ways to avoid hair loss as well. I do not go to sleep without my satin bonnet. Oh no! Not this sis-Star. I don’t care what style my hair is in, my satin scarf, bonnet or pillow is what this head rests on at bedtime.  I also do 90% of my styling with my fingers. Huh? Yeah…my fingers are my go-to styling tool of choice before I even think about grabbing a wide-tooth comb or hair brush. In my experience,  when I use my fingers to style I experience less shedding. Actually I don’t experience much shedding at all do to the tips I’m sharing with you today.

5. Scalp Massages. Massaging your scalp encourages blood to flow to the roots of your hair. When the bloods begins to flow oxygen and nutrients are delivered allowing the hair follicles to produce hair.


Well, there’ you have it. Are there more tips for optimum hair growth…of course, there are manyyy things you can do. Isn’t that wonderful!  Start with this list and be consistent and I look forward to hearing your success stories.



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