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9am Hair
5pm Hair (a little shrunken and bigger)
5pm Hair
(a little shrunken and bigger due to VA humidity)

This time of year for natural hair is nice!

When the breeze catches my tresses and send them flying all over the place…I feel free lol. I love the feeling of the wind blowing through my hair and tickling my scalp. The past few days have been care-free loose braid out days and people are loving it. I’m always amazed at how many comments I get during the day on this hair of mine.

Yesterday I had 2 facebook friends (that I didn’t know personally) approach me in the thrift store and ask me hair related questions. As I was leaving an elderly woman made sure to stop me and comment on my hair too. Shortly after, I went to handle some personal business on behalf of my mother and 3 women in that venue sparked a whole 15-minute natural hair conversation with me as they marveled at my hair.

Today…a young, trendy, beautiful Afro-American woman with her Caucasian friend at the register in Starbucks made sure to stop, turn around and start a natural hair convo with me as I was waiting in line. She told me how she absolutely loved my hair and asked what did I use.

This hair journey is very fulfilling…I’m able to talk with total strangers all due to our 1 commonality: NATURAL HAIR.

To answer their questions in regards to what I use:

Well it solely depends on the look I’m trying to achieve.  For this look–I do a simple loose braid-out with about 10 big braids total in my hair each night with perm rods on the tips.  The perm rods give the tips some “personality” so they are not boring, blunt and hanging straight down. 

I don’t wet my hair at all or use any water-based products because for this particular look I desire my hair naturally stretched and water will shrink it.  For moisture, I use my own Shea Butter Growth Mixture and use a little gel on the tips for definition (again on the tips only). The gel holds the definition on the tips and reduces frizz.  In the morning I simply take the braids out and go about my business. (*Tip if you desire more definition with an all day hold…use gel on your entire braid. A pea-sized amount of gel per braid is enough to give you hold, fullness and bounce). 



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