Just a little more Gel



In Today’s Hair Journal…

I just want to show you the difference a little more gel makes in your braid out. Just like my previous post explained, at night when prepping your hair for the next day if you use a pea-sized amount of gel on the entire length of each of your loose braids then you will get just a bit more definition. Unlike yesterday, today “just a wee-bit more” definition  was the look I was going for. I didn’t want it super defined but I wanted a more visual deep wave so using the gel on the length of my hair as opposed to just the “tips/ends” was the way to achieve the look.

Products Used:

  • Curls Creme Brule (moisture)
  • My own Homemade Growth Butter (for added moisture and to seal in the moisture from the Creme Brule
  • Gel

Use a pea-sized amount of each product listed above on each loosely braided section of your hair, perm-rod the ends and waaa-lahh in the morning when you take your hair down you are good to go! For the length of my hair I had 3 sections of hair. The back section contained 3 rows w/ 3 big loose braids on each row. The two front sections contained 3 rows w/1-2 big loose braids on each row.


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