This Impersonal Internet World



In this impersonal Internet world, we live inside our thoughts communicating like this 90% of time.  We have never even heard each other’s voices because majority of all our conversations are taking place just like this all day, from day to day.  Impersonal.

Social Media


Sometimes I have to force myself to sit back and truly examine this reality we exist in. Sometimes I power off my iPhone and unplug my iPad and Macbook from their chargers in the wall. I unplug from “it all” to get a good glimpse of “it all”.

Are there actual human-to-human connections taking place anymore?   Am I the only one that look forward to body-language and eye contact?  Am I the only person stuck in the past that truly appreciates quality conversation-offline? Is there anybody else that just love to hear people laugh in-person?  I feel like I’m one of very few people left that like my people like I like my food—“Organic”.

Often times I have to unplug just to get personal.


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