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Anonymous Queen: I just checked your blog out its really nice! I look forward to your motivational words some days. You are truly a BLESSING to soo many who dont even know you such as myself. Seeing how God has bought you to where you are now through FB gives me hope. Now as a single mother of two, 2 failed long term relationships with
both of my kids father’s whom I gave my best to (that in itself is a hard pill to swallow) , being a God fearing woman trying to keep it all together etc. It’s hard to just keep it together your words mean measures and it gives me hope in soo many areas in my life. It’s refreshing to see another Sister motivating and encouraging instead of being about self, bragging and tearing others down. God is going to take you far and I’m excited for you! Be Blessed Momma! Sorry for the slight vent..

@RoyalBeautyV: that wasn’t a vent. that was you speaking from the heart and I felt that in your words! I understand where you are, I been there. Be encouraged tho…I appreciate your support and you have to have a good heart to be able to pour out words like that so don’t change…despite “life” happening…don’t change. You can get through anything…it may not be as fast as we like sometimes but just try to understand that God is always working it out for your good. Trust and believe that!

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@Anonymous Queen: Good morning! I know that we haven’t officially met one another however I’d like to say you are a huge inspiration in more ways than you know. I had something really tragic happen to me in my marriage, faves depression but the minute I signed onto Facebook, I noticed your post and how positive you are. Just want to shout you out for being so positive, super kind and most importantly putting Christ at the forefront of your life! Thanks so much and you inspire me!
@RoyalBeautyV: Omg that just brought tears to my eyes!!! Wow. Consider us sisters! Whatever it is that you went through or are currently going through is just a test before the testimony. U will always emerge stronger! Its just the way God works. U are a BEAUTY and the spirit of depression has no place in your life!!! Wake up daily, look in the mirror at that strong gorgeous warrior-Queen, smile and COMMAND your happiness. Command your mood for the day!

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Anonymous Queen: Hello I just wanted to ask a question should a person get married if that person isn’t in love

@RoyalbeautyV: ol geesh, that’s a heavy load. ummmm Can I phone a friend *in my Who Wants to Be A Millionaire Voice*   I don’t know anyyyy details surrounding this scenario and even if I did, this is one of those situations where its better to mind your business and just pray because God knows ALL! People have to absolutely do what they believe is BEST for them. If, they are unsure then the only source in which questions as such should be asked to –is God!

Anonymous Queen: Yes thanks its so much more to this but I thank u for replying. I have been praying so hard but when I’m with him my stomach churns lol if u would just say a quick prayer for me and again thanks for ur time
@RoyalBeautyV: Your stomach churns in what ways? A loving way?
Anonymous Queen: No it’s when he trys to hug me. We have known each other for 10 years and I just don’t know how to tell him
@RoyalBeautyV: that’s heavy Queen. But you have to be honest. Its tough, I’ve been there. my 1st marriage was to someone that I loved but WASNT in love with. It l lasted almost 7 years. Many things happened in between and honestly the “in-love” part never happened for me but I wasn’t miserable until the end when he decided he wanted me to fully take care of him, our home and the bills and etc. After years of prayers…I walked away. Was it worth not being honest from Day one? Not for me. I first married when I was young and dumb. Now that I’m older and experience has shaped me, I’m able to make clear genuine decisions about my future. Your guy deserves someone who is “in-love” with him. And you deserve to experienced a stomach-churning LOVE….Love is beautiful and it brings so much peace. Love is the answer for so many things…without it Days are Long and Nights can get cold.
Anonymous Queen: Yes it’s like I’m forcing my self to make him happy. When ever I do try to leave he cries and begs me to stay and it hurts me to see him cry. I’m 31 and he’s 41 when i get off of work I will try to tell him again thank u so much I’ve been asking my mom for advice as well have a great rest of ur day.
@RoyalBeautyV: Try in a different way…maybe a loving letter. Be sure to communicate with LOVE because situations like this are rough and sometimes dangerous when affairs of the heart are involved.
I certainly don’t want to alarm you but put on the entire armor of God when approaching this sensitive situation pleaseeee
Anonymous Queen:Yes just pray for me. I have even thought about moving to another city
@RoyalBeautyV: I will certainly sent up prayers for you! Do what guarantees your safety Queen.

May the Lord bless you and guide you. Sending Love and Light your way today!

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Anonymous Queen: You are such an inspiration. I have only been following you for about 2 months now but I have learned so much from you. You have such a beautiful spirit. I was introduced to your FB page by a nurse at my sons Drs office. Congratulations on the success and be blessed. #EmbraceyourJourney
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Anonymous Male: God bless you and your husband. Your testimony just brought tears to my eyes. Many people are now just finding out that my wife and I are now divorced. Almost two years now. I kept my composure, although embarrassed by the opinions and perceptions of people. You just brought so much hope to me. I pray that God truly bless you both with spiritual wisdom, substance, and peace. I will always pray for your union. We’ve never met, but I want you to know that I will keep your marriage covered in prayer. Thank you for sharing… Love you both
@RoyalBeautyV: Wow!! Bless u King! Keep God first and live for him, the rest will be a breeze with peace! God will bless u
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Anonymous Male: I wanted to share this with you… I dont know if your remember the last conversation we had about how much I bless God for your marriage and thanking you and your husband for being an inspiration. Well, today I am proud to say that God has placed a wonderful, amazing, beautiful, god loving, strong and awesome woman in my life…. I am sooooo excited. So I wanted to say thank you and I continue to pray you and your marriage daily. Its amazing how you can be in the mist of your blessing and until God opens your eyes, and see fit that you are ready to receive, he will then reveal to you your lifemate. V, thank you… I just wanted to share this with you. If you go on my page, you will see a picture of us. Im just so excited. I love love. Have a wonderful day
@RoyalBeautyV: Wow!! How amazing!! Bless ya’ll and your relationship! I pray that ya’ll bust happiness WIDE OPEN!!!!  Keep loving love!!
When God blesses, HE SHOWS OFF!! Congrats to you!!
Anonymous Male: wont he do it!!!!!
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@RoyalbeautyV: I’m up boo. Precious and gracious Lord we come to you as humble as we know how…please lend us your ear, your grace and your mercy. My sister is standing in need of something special right now Lord. Shower her with your strength and the essence of your sweet smelling anointing. Wrap her tightly in the fearless wings of the mightiest Arch-Angel in your heavenly and Earthly Army! Give her exactly what she is in need of and a double dose to endure more. Comfort her in the midst of this storm and breathe the breath of perseverance over this mighty warrior-Queen right now! Remind her that she is a fighter! She was built, born and created to WIN! Lord encourage my sis because you have neverrrr failed us yet! Cover her mind, heart and soul with the blood of Jesus that we KNOW is without flaw…Lord your word specifically states that where 2 or 3 gather in your name, YOU are here among us! We are praying to invoke the presence of Jesus! Matthew 18:19 reminds us that if 2 agree about ANYTHING they ask for, it will be done by our Father in Heaven so Precious and Benevolent Lord we are spiritually  linked arm in arm in agreement right now and we trust your word to be true therefore we know that it’s already done! In Jesus name! Amen
@RoyalbeautyV: When you don’t know what else to do, cry out to God. He’s always listening and waiting to hear from you Queen. Love you

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Anonymous Queen: Heeyyyy. Gurlie jus wanted to say im very happy  for you.. i kno u went thru a lot very publicly these last years.. etc.. but its nice to see you happy… wishing  you many years of love. success …and peace with your hubby…
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Anonymous Queen: Hello Veronica I recently had to chop my hair due to my scalp being irritated by hair glue. It has grown out now and it’s back to my natural, curly texture but I don’t know,what products to use to keep it,up
@RoyalBeautyV: hello Queen…taking care of your care is more than products. It’s about the wash, conditioner, maintenance, protein treatment, healthy eating, protective styling, moisturizers and etc. So there’s really not a 1 product fits all type of solution…you have to consistently roll through the daily process of giving it what it needs

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Anonymous Queen: I can not thank you enough, I now have a handle on my daughters hair it’s more manageable and I’m now using the right products to keep it moisturized and healthy and easy to maintain I’m learning new ways to style her hair and I’m gonna try a wash and go style on her this weekend I did it with a piece of her hair (the front) and it looks similar to yours so I’m going to do it on her entire head I will post pics and tag you when I’m done! But again thank you, your class on natural hair and those sample products have helped me tremendously

@RoyalBeautyV: Wow!!! That just made my day!!!!!
Im sooooo happy to hear your success with little momma hair i cant wait to see the results! Messages like this make me want to keeping educating and advocating about natural texture!

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Anonymous Queen: Hey lady just stopping by to say hello….hope everything is going well for u and ur family..May God continue to take u to higher heights in all of your endeavors…Because the Best is yet to come…You have more books inside of u that the world needs….When we were younger sometimes i think…u wasnt quiet for no reason…God was birthing something in u early…and your just having the babies now! You are going to reach millions of people just because of who you are and who your source is..and God will remove anyone who doesn’t serve purpose in your life. You can’t just be with anybody especially where God is taking you!
Walk in your purpose!!!! It’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing you’re walking in your purpose that God has already predestined for you!
So i wish u all the Best V and love u like a sis! 
@RoyalBeautyV: THOSE WORDS ARE FROM GOD I KNO IT!!!!!! MY GOD MY GOD MY GOD!! That was confirmation that I needed. U going to have me running around this house in total praise!!

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Anonymous Queen: Girl thanks for always posting positive things!! I’m very positive but when you’re the rock for everyone it can be draining. Your posts always have me laughing or smiling! Thanks again! 
@RoyalBeautyV: awwww I’m smiling now:) thanks for that message. Its so easy to be negative when your in the midst of a storm but I rather stay as positive as i possibly can to keep me focused on the blessings surrounding me. When I’m having a pissy day I just stay off FB lol. Just like you said—being the ROCK will drain you dry thats why I deleted everything in my life that was draining me and I’ve been better every since. I’m glad I could send a laugh or smile your way Queen. 
Anonymous Queen: Good advice girl! On my bad days I will stay off fb and IG lol!! Just know you have people wishing you the very best and praying for you!!
@RoyalBeautyV: Thank you sooooooo much Queen!!!!! I appreciate your well wishes and your prayers!!!!! May God Bless you Abundantly!!
Anonymous Queen: Thank you so much!! Positive women have to stick together!!!
@RoyalBeautyV: forever and always!!!!! 

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Anonymous Queen: As a recently divorced woman (after a painful 4 year separation) from a pastor no less, I am so inspired by your story and what I believe to be your testimony!  Bless you and your future husband …God’s love truly heals and covers. Any man that genuinely leads you to God as the one to keep as First is a true keeper. Keep showing us who have been hurt that there is hope . Always hope! Wishing you all the best.
@RoyalBeautyV: Your words touched my heart, now Im in here choking back tears smh. Bless you Queen, wow! Thank you and I understand painful divorces-i too experienced that. I also know that you WILL love again, u deserve it! U deserve to reap allllll of your hearts desires and I pray that God gives u double for your trouble! Im happy that we are fb friends, I think you are a marvelous woman!

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