Wash and Go’s

Ok, so how many times do I have to talk about HAIR GEL!!! Lol!

It’s serious! It’s not a game in this natural hair life!  It’s how I pull off my wash and go’s and many other natural styles. Wait let me give you the back story on my wash and go’s….for the first two years (or something like that) of being natural I couldn’t even achieve a successful wash and go (wng) to save my little life.  It was frustrating and I just didn’t think I could pull it off.  I don’t care how many youtube videos I watched–my fingers, my technique and my patience were not in sync. 

It wasn’t until I hosted my very own natural hair event that I learned the secret from one of my attendees and get this it was the secret to a WINTER wng.  Chile..tell me that ain’t the bomb! 

Wash and go’s in the cold without catching a cold… Gold mine!  

So what’s the secret….a dryer lol!! While your hair is wet, apply your products, even the gel (don’t mix the products, layer them there’s a difference) then sit under a dryer for a minimum of 10 or so minutes.  I normally use a standing dryer and prefer it on on the cool setting to minimize the risk of heat damage.  Some naturals use a hand held dryer with the diffuser attachment on their roots…it’s the end of 2016 and I JUST learned how to use a diffuser properly.  Well, wait…actually I just brought the attachment for my hand held dryer and the rest is history.  

Wash and Go’s is my lazy style.  It requires very little maintenance and can literally last me for weeks.  I simply pineapple my hair at night and shake it out in the mornings.  

How often do you sport your wash and go’s?

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