Even When Life Throws Curveballs, GOD We Still Thank You

Walking, Talking, Laughing, Singing, Smiling…simply Thankful. 

Through all the curveballs that life decides to throw…we continue to tell God “Thank you”. 

Lost 2 new cars in the flood from Hurricane Matthew a few weeks ago but God we still Thank you. 

Got some devastating news about the health of close love ones but God we still believe you and we still THANK YOU. 

See… LIFE is what you make it, it’s not always going to go according to YOUR plan but God is still God and worthy of our praise. Make every day count, LAUGH like you ain’t-gots-no sense, Love without boundaries, Forgive uncontrollably, create beautiful memories, pour into the lives of others, ALWAYS be there for friends and family so when life gives you a 100 reasons to cry, you remember that you also have 1000 reasons to smile. 

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