Meal Ideas

This the season for Good Eats!

Babyyyyy, Breakfast – Lunch -and Dinner- I want it all!!  Is that greedy? *shrugs

Now ask me if I care lol! 

I love delicious food plated to visual perfection and I love when I DONT have to cook every night lol.  I do my thing in the kitchen but I’m too busy to cook nightly. When I can get cooking breaks, I don’t feel as worn out so when I do step foot back in the kitchen I give it my ALL.  Cooking for my family and friends gives me a happiness that I can’t explain.  The love and energy I put in the preparation and presentation comes from a place deep inside me.  Anywho let’s get to the good part…here’s a few dishes from my kitchen whom family and friends have named: “Mullen Kitchen”


(I may open a restaurant before I’m 50 lol, not right now)


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