Presidential Election AfterMath

I know I’m not the only one DISGUSTED.

As a mother I didn’t even know what to tell my children, before they woke up and asked me the dreadful question of “who won”, I replayed 100 responses in my head.

I don’t know how to answer that at all.  I have so many questions myself, so many questions that I know I’ll never get an answer to like…

How on God’s green Earth did he win…

What’s going to happen now?

What’s going to happen to my friends that are in the U.S without citizenship?

What kind of relationship will we have with other countries?

How did early polls from just about every media outlets over the past year get this wrong?

How did these self-proclaimed political pundits totally miss this?

I’m in a crappy mood…these are my thoughts. My feelings are all over the place.  

How are ya’ll holding up fam??? Parents…how did you address this with your children?
One thing I do know is that GOD is still King and we will “lean on” and “look to” the most high for the strength and wisdom to get through these next 4 years together. 

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