Back from my Blogging Break

Hey luvs!
Whew! It’s been a while. Today benchmarks the RELAUNCH of my blog!! WHOOP WHOOP!

My last blog had a world-wide audience and although “fun”, it was unfulfilling honestly and often left me asking myself the question: “whats the point?”
Have you ever had to just sit back and examine the point of things. Like where exactly do I want to go with this? If there’s no passion in your content…then where is the path suppose to lead?

I had to submit to a burning internal desire to “make a difference” and that required timeout for some soul searching. This time around, my focus is simply motivating my sis-stars and sharing my passions!

I love to see people thrive and bust happiness wide open. I love to see women smile and beam with confidence and a contagious sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Im Excited for my relaunch! I built my website (  by myself (as usual) and that self-taught skill has rendered me huge blessings. I know how to read website HTML coding and everything, all self-taught. Its certainly time to bring all of my skills together. 

Many people know me as a blogger but
I haven’t blogged anything new in 2 years lol. Life has its way of prioritizing your time and focus. Writing is a Love of mine tho, people often say Im a well-known socialite but I only have 3 real friends and Im truthfully an introvert. Blogging allows me to open up, release, share private moments, videos and photos of mine never seen before. It’s therapy. Just like a signer who loves to harmonize or a athlete that loves to “go hard in the paint”…writing is what I love to do amongst a few other things.

I have a passion for photography and natural hair as well. I’m tri-passionate lol. Don’t judge me lol, some people don’t have anything that drives them. 

What’s your passion? I really want to know:)
Today I want to encourage you to make time for your passion, schedule it in your day. Map out a plan of action so that you can share it with the world. If you can go to work and give 8-10 hours a day and 40 hours a week to help build someone else’s dream….how much time have you set aside for yours?

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  1. TIA SMITH says:

    Continue to Inspire, continue to cultivate, and continue to encourage; your gifts with continue to make room for your blessings

  2. Nikki J says:

    I'm just so happy. I wish the world was Full of you! Continue to grow, inspire and be absolutely astounding!! Love You!!

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