Bestie Birthdays

November is a fun month for me!

I have 2 best friends (Lelia and Monique) and a favorite cousin (Gwen) who all celebrate their birthdays this month and of course everyone loves November for THANKSGIVING. I always look forward to this time of year.

All of their birthdays are within days of each other and LAWD knows I had a blast with each of them on their special days.  It’s so important to me to show people that are close to me how much I love them when it really counts.  When they are happy, I’m happy.  When I contribute to them having a good time, I feel great inside.  What else matters? 

With so much going on with this recent crazy presidential election, I’m so glad that I have enough love and causes for enjoyment around me so that allow me to mentally eject myself from the foolishness. 

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