I’m Going back to COLLEGE

Master’s Degree here I come!!

I’m so excited that my journey towards a Master’s Degree is about to begin.

I’m ready to make some solid changes on my life path and one includes my aspiration in being a College Professor.

I’ve already been receiving loads of encouragement from other Professors across the country via my social media platforms. It’s super exciting. I’m ready to turn my narrow focus back on and dive into these books.  I want to be able to look back on my life 3 years from now and see substantial PROGRESS!

Do you know how many people can’t do that? So many people are stuck on a continous hamster wheel and can’t look back on the last 2, 3, 4, 5 years and see CHANGE in their lives.  I refuse to be THAT person so I’m always involving myself in something.  

I’m always down to learn something new. The deepest parts of me LOVE being around scholars and intellectuals.  I NEED those types of academic deposits into my spirit on the regular.  I refuse to be around a bunch of non-sense all the time knowing that it is subconsciously dumbing me down.  Nope, can’t do it. 

I’m soooooooo ready for my new journey!!! Wish me well! 

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