Post-Election Racism

A “Meaner


More troubled world”

Is this what we have to be prepared for in this post-Trump nation?

What’s the path forward for Black America? I tell you 1 thing…the words on this shirt are spot on! 

The orange-guy (Trump) is showing a different display of temperament (per the occassion) like the con artist business man that he is and people of color need to stay vigilant. He’s now fronting like he wants to be a president for all people but that wasn’t his message during his entire campaign. 

His supporters are no longer dormant racists, in fact they have been much colder and bolder after the orange guy won the white house. I’m personally noticing a completely different vibe from white people.  The ignorance is troubling and annoying.

Many young millennials (persons reaching adulthood around the year 2000) are somewhat blind to blatant racisim because we didn’t experience it in its darkest purest forms like our grandparents did.  Most millianials are by far mentally and emotionally removed from the racial segregation of the 60’s and alt-right (mainstream conservatives who’s cores beliefs encompasses white identity) bigotry because we didn’t live in that era. It’s sad that the weight of those experiences are brushed off by my youthful black counterparts because THAT history can surely repeat itself.  Just because we didn’t directly experience it doesn’t mean we are not a part of it. Our DNA is written in those experiences! 

It’s 2016 and we are living in the 60’s again! Trump ran his campaign on “making America great again” and preserving white privilege is pretty much what that means.

Sometimes you have to go through things to be emotionally connected to it, collectively millennials need to wake up and get more involved. “Experience” is the best teacher right?The crisis of the civil rights era is not over…it’s actually starting over. 

This change in the presidential administration means something so different for people of color but I am not my grandparents.

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