Is Your Hair Growing?

As we begin to near the end of the year, think back over the last 12 months…has your hair grown any?

Are you retaining length?

If you are, consider yourself blessed because many black women are not seeing the same results.

Before returning to natural and kicking my creamy crack to the curb, I was one of those black girls who’s hair seemed to remain the same length for years.

I thought my genetics prevented my hair from growing past a certain length.  Even though clearly I was getting “new growth” from my scalp, I still thought my hair wasn’t going to sprout past a certain length. 

When that new growth came in, and accumulated over the course of a month I did what every relaxed black girl did with their hair–I permed it. 

Meanwhile everytime I wrapped my hair at night it would shed a little and when I would comb my wrap out in the morning, small pieces of my hair would chip and break off at the ends.  Ya’ll know exactly what I’m talking about lol. 

My simple minded self, never put 2 & 2 together to form the conclusion that THAT was the reason I wasn’t seeing any length past what I was used to. I totally ignored what was in my face everyday, hair that was growing at the roots and breaking at the ends.


NOW that I’m a natural…my hair is long and strong. In fact, it’s now longer than it’s ever been and I’m totally shocked and hella excited.  This natural hair journey gets better and better everyday!

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