Leave-In Conditioner (Wavy Winter Hair)


Over the last few weeks, I’ve been wearing my hair stretched out with this loose braid out that you see here.

The only product I’ve been using is: LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER!

Chile yes…no gel! Now ya’ll know a sister loves her WetLine Extreme Styling Gel BUT here lately I’m only using my leave-in to achieve moisture and all-day hold. 

In Nov/Dec as the season changes I don’t worry about that worrisome a** summer humidity that turns my defined curls into a fro by the end of the day anymore so using this 1 product to style is what I prefer.

What conditioner am I using you may be asking by now….

Tree Naturals Leave-In conditioner and babyyyyyy let me tell you, I LOVE IT!!

It makes my hair manageable from roots to ends INSTANTLY upon contact, it smells great, it keeps my hair moisturized ALL DAY, it doesn’t build up so you can use it daily if need be ( I use it every other day), and it evens holds your natural curls in place. 

I wish it was a little cheaper but for $17.99 on Amazon.com or TreeNaturals.com you get an 80z bottle of this yummy natural hair treat! Don’t let the price deter you, it’s worth it. 

Since being introduced to this product at Salon Noa in Virginia Beach over the summer, I’ve fallen in love with this leave-in and I’ve used about 6 bottles of it since then so it’s safe to say that’s it’s staple in my hair regimen.

This post is NOT SPONSORED! I’m not getting ANYTHING for sharing this information with you! It’s what I use, it works, I love it—-THE END


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