Stop Talking Yourself Out of Stuff

What are some things that will cause you to “talk yourself out of stuff”?

  • Uncertainty
  • Fear
  • Chaos
  • Discomfort
  • Impressions
  • Confusion
  • Needing control
  • Ego
  • Image

All these are challenges that can slow you down.

…but often times what you have in your mind about things– is NOT what it is really going to be anyway so stop talking yourself out of it!

Like really, just stop. Seriously.

I’m so guilty so I’m not even about to start preaching, lying and acting like “thee Expert”.  I need to stop talking myself out of stuff too. 

Overthinking is a scapegoat for procrastination.  People will use “in depth mental processing” as an excuse to delay execution.  The truth of the matter is when God gives you something to do…you need to just do it.  When you are given an assignment…you need to just get to it.  When you think of a great idea… get to it!  When you see a great opportunity…get to it!  When a door opens to the “next level”….GO THROUGH IT!  

You are good enough and you are ready! 

Don’t stay stagnate…keep it moving. Keep progressing, keep climbing, keep excelling, keep growing, keep changing.  A butterfly isn’t meant to remain a caterpillar forever, you are created to fly.

In life, what you should be constantly doing is embracing new ideas and philosophies.  You should be always willing to learn.  

Who cares if you fail? 

“Trying” with the possibility of winning is completely worth it all.  The only thing failure does is humbles you and welp we all can use a little more of that anyway. 
Some people have a need to appear as though they have it all under control.  Guess what ya-honor–THAT’S A LIE!

Nooooooo one has it ALL together! If they tell you they do, chile they are LYING!

It’s so ok to not have it all together…the point I’m making is -stop waiting and  justtttt do it.

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