Is Your Hair Dry?? Try this…

I’m not stingy honey.

If I find something that works, I’ll always share.

If you ask me what am I using, I’ll always tell.

With that said, have you ever heard of TreeNaturals?

If you are anything like me, this time last year…I didn’t know anything about this brand.

I found out about Tree Naturals at a hair workshop in Salon Noa in Virginia Beach,VA.  Salon Noa specializes in natural hair care and host many different hair workshops that I like to frequent.  One workshop that I attended was centered around Tree Naturals.  The founder of the company LaTresha Styles was the keynote and the first thing I noticed was her hair.  It was BEAUTIFUL and HEALTHY!!

Her hair caught my attention and her hair care knowledge kept it.

From there I thought to myself “let me try this stuff”.

And that’s exactly what I did.  She had a whole array of products on display after the workshop so I purchased a few. Actually I spent about $75.  Ya’ll know goodness well “good stuff ain’t cheap”, so don’t be having your face all balled up at the price lol.  You can’t acquire Maserati hair with a Chevy mindframe.  You get what you pay for.  For that price, I left with about 4 full sized products and I was excited to see what the hype was about.

Let’s just say that I was NOT disappointed.  Fast forward to today….Tree Naturals is a major staple in my personal hair care regimen.  I’ve been consistently using it for months.  I’ve used it on wet hair, dry hair, stretched hair YOU NAME IT (in my Shirley Ceasar voice lol).  I haven’t spoken much about it here on the blog because I like to try products many different ways before recommending them to you however, when out and about engaged in my daily duties, this is the product that I’m quick to recommend to people. 

The Whipped Curl Creme pictured above is a styler and I personally use it to quickly add moisture back into my old wash-and go’s.

Here’s the leave-in conditioner pictured below … and yes it’s almost gone NOSEY lol.


I use this leave-in religiously. Yea seriously I swear by it. 

It’s probably the best leave-in I’ve ever used for my hair.  It gives 24-hour moisture and if you pair it with the tree naturals hair butter then you are going to have moisture for days.

Wait…let me just say this, I’m not trying to sell you on this, this is not a sponsored post. I’m genuinely sharing for inquiring minds.

If you are struggling with dryness…the solution is simple, I recommend Tree Naturals.

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