Healthy, Happy Hair No Matter the Texture

Pictured: @RoyalBeautyV

What stage is your hair currently in?

Is it healthy?

Are you happy with it?

The best thing that you can do for your hair is to GET EDUCATED about it! 

Depending on the texture…did you know that there’s a certain amount of product that you need to use to achieve certain styles.  It’s all about technique, BUT you need to also know that using TOO MANY products at once is a no-no.

Climate, Porosity, Density, Water Quality, Length, Curl Diameter, and Surface Texture are things that contribute to the unique elements of your hair and are great topics to research as it pertains to YOUR hair.

LEARN ABOUT IT!! Again, Educate yourself! Your hair is worth it! 

You can grow healthy, happy hair no matter the texture!

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