They say Natural Hair Equals Low Self Esteem

They say natural hair equals low self esteem.

Well to that I say…

Girl Pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!

Boy Bye.

Oh look, there’s some heavy traffic, go PLAY IN IT!

Who raised these morons? I’m convinced that folks are straitjacket crazy.

Natural hair actually equals thee exact opposite, CONFIDENCE, PRIDE AND STRENGTH in every sense of the words!

Yesterday a male facebook associate of mine (black male at that which is a completely seperate issue), felt the need to share this old article from the The site had this bright idea to post this study allegedly by costemic company “Bountiful Hair”. The study compared women with treated hair with women with natural hair….

I instantly rolled my eyes when I saw him share the article.  Everything in me wanted to go black-girl postal on the fb associate that posted it but I did’nt have the energy and he wasn’t worth a debate anyway.  I did however want to share this with you all in case others are seeing the article for the first time. One thing that I would like for you to keep in mind is the study is actually satirical but you be the judge, here’s the full article….

My immediate response after reading this was….

If ya’ll don’t sittttttttt all the way down with that foolishness lol!! How absurd. 

Ok ladies….Let’s briefly chat about this… 

The article states that black women consider afro’s an undesirable look. Welp THAT’S WRONG! Clearly a black woman did not write that article so don’t tell us how we feel about our hair.

One chick said she was using “A whole gallon of milk and a dozen of eggs daily to soften it”. Let’s call a spade a spade, she is a darn liar. Either she was running a breakfast diner or purposely spewing nonsence because that statement was over exaggerated foolishness and there’s no need to say more.

The other honey said combs break in her hair. Now that one I can relate to, I’ll admit I’ve had a comb or two break but it’s only because it couldn’t handle this black unicorn strength lol. I don’t even bother with combs anymore…I sparingly use my Denman hair brush (a popular detangling tool among the natural/curly community) but mainly I finger detangle this crown and that methods works like a charm! 

Now let’s get to the comment about “avoiding the mirror altogether”…maam, YOU are not just your hair. That’s just one component of you.  If a bad hair day (which we have all experienced) causes you to not appreciate the woman in the mirror then your issue is far deeper than the cosmetics of hair.  

This study went viral about 2 years ago and as you can see the conversation is still relevant today.  Ladies when you see things like this floating around online…

Give it a good hair flip and PAY IT NO MIND!! 

Everybody can’t handle Black Girl Magic!


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