(Repost) Failed Shea Moisture Commerical

Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve been watching many companies subliminally respond to Shea Moisture’s failed ad.

Have you seen the controversial commercial? It has since been removed from the company’s youtube channel and an official apology has been issued to WOC (women of color).
In case you missed it here’s the failed commercial and the apology from Shea Moisture(SM)…

Here’s a fact that’s more interesting and a fact that most of the general public is not quite aware of…Shea Moisture’s marketing move is a result of something far deeper than the cosmetics of “for black girls only” products. Large global white-owned investment companies have largely profited from the multi-billion dollar haircare industry for yearssssss, they are after black dollars and won’t sit down and lose them to the growing popularity of the Natural Hair movement. Oh no honey…they are pivoting their old advertising strategies to “fit” our current needs and the natural hair trend so that they can continue to CASH-IN.

Sundial owns Shea Moisture (SM) and the alleged “minority” shareholder is Bain Capital-a old global alternative investment firm…(founded by Mitt Romney). I say alleged “minority” because it was not publicly disclosed how many millions they poured into the company, as far as we know they could actually be a majority owner on paper and minority in the judgmental eyes of the public.

Why wouldn’t they want to be recognized as a majority share holder? Well, it wouldn’t be good for business! Being solely founded as “black owned” and acquiring success under that umbrella was a great niche for SM…what if the African American community found out that this is not the actual case…hmmmmm. Well as of 2015 SM is not 100% black owned. That’s also when their marketing strategies slowly began to transition and cater to a more diverse demographic. As with many things…this is deeper than what’s floating on the surface (such as the ad)…sadly things are not often what they appear to be.

SM may have began on a “for us-by us” foundation but now white owned conglomerates are behind the stage curtains pulling the strings and running the show.

Here’s a quote from the 3rd Article (link listed below)…

“Sundial pulled in an estimated $200 million in revenue in 2015, an increase of 31% year-over-year. Such growth caught the attention of Bain Capital, which in September 2015 acquired a minority stake in the family-owned company for an undisclosed amount, valuing it at an estimated $700 million”

I understand business so I’m not the least bit offended but for those that take pride in supporting “Black Business”…I suggest they begin to look a little deeper into where their hard earned coins are going…hence the reason why women of color need to support real black owned businesses.

I personally love homemade hair products better than store-brought brands, that’s what I gravitate to because they produce better results in my opinion. Store brought brands just don’t make the cut for me. I don’t get caught up in the nice fragrances of products and appealing packaging, I need my products to work! I stumbled on a hair care gold mine when I found Tree Naturals. This is also a brand WHERE WE MATTER! Tree Naturals philosophy is:

“we believe in doing the right thing. We believe in the healing and restorative properties of botanicals, plant oils, unrefined Fair Trade butters and exotic herbs to promote healthy hair growth and restoration, and we consciously hand make all of our products with this philosophy in mind. Our products are free of mineral oils, petroleum, sulfates, parabens and are cruelty free”

I encourage you to do your tresses a favor and see what Tree Naturals products can do for you!

Photographer: Veronica D Mullen

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and to see what’s going on behind the scenes with your beloved Shea Moisture check out the articles below:

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