Vintage HairStyle

OMG I’ve been so consumed and caught up in the peace of “home-life” that I forgot to show ya’ll my birthday hair!!

Yes grant it, my b-day was in April but I never got the chance to share my style on MC (Mahogany Crown). Every year at the forefront of springtime, my husband and I have an annual All-White Party for our birthdays. Our bdays are only a few days apart, and we celebrate a few other specials days in that same month so one big lavish party is always appropriate.

I used the movie Hidden Figures for my style inspiration. I wanted something vintage & classy.  I’m so sorry I didn’t record a tutorial loves.  The camera and lighting set up along with video editing takes way more time than I have so tutorials aren’t something that I favor doing.  Here’s another honest moment… honey I struggled with that jumbo braid in the back LOL. It took a few attempts to get it how I wanted it but overall it turned out perfectly.


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