OOTD (Outfit of the Day)


Hair: Natural Wash and Go Updo

Tribal Tank Top: Thrift Store

Yellow Pants: Macys

Octagon Sunshades: ShopGuiltyPleasure.com

Bag: ShopGuiltyPleasure.com


Hello Mahoganies!

If you had to classify your fashion sense and style…what category would you group yourself in?

I’m a little bit of everything.  My weekday fashion is different from my weekend-fashion and my event-fashion is a whole different ball game too. It’s safe to say that my fashion sense encompasses a multitude of styles depending on how I feel that particular day.

70% of the time my fashion is actually pretty “chill” or urban-casual. I’m in a season in my life where tight clothes and showing a bunch of skin is simply not on my radar. I don’t feel the need to “bare it all” to feel sexy. I feel sexy completely covered honey, I promise you I do.

I love colorful-casual styles during the work week.

I love sequins, textures and mixing prints on the weekend.

For events…I love shinny pieces and dramatics like exaggerated sleeves, bold blouses, head-turning dresses, trendy skirts, loud shoes and etc..

As far as accessories….I keep it simple but noticeable. I love statement earrings but on the flip side I’m not a big fan of statement necklaces and I rarely wear bracelets and costume rings.  One thing you can bet on tho is that whatever I chose to wear…confidence is my fashion foundation.

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