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Listen, Humidity you have WON!!!

Madame Shrinkage, the summer is yours,  I can’t fight and won’t fight…wash and go’s are one of the few options in styling that makes sense for me during the dog-days of summer.

Ladies…you have already seen my hair stretched (see previous posts), here’s what’s annoying to me right now…I can’t achieve that look with the amount of humidity we have here in Virginia. My hair only wants to be curly. There were a few times in the beginning of the summer when I attempted to stretch my hair via braid outs but it shrunk back up as soon as I went outside.  My late night efforts the night before were a complete waste of time so I’ve been reluctant in trying to stretch my tresses in this heat again.

Here’s another obvious-in-your-face reason in my now growing list of complaints about the summer and it’s relationship to my hair, IT’S TOO HOT!! Straight up uncomfortable. Mother Nature already does a wonderful job bringing forth the heat and when you add my mid-back length hair to the equation what you get is a prelude to a heat stroke lol. I get so hot so quickly when my hair is down that I instantly have beads of sweat form on my forehead and the back of my neck.  Chile I get hot-flashes and I swear it has me thinking I’m going through pre-menopause lol. Older more “seasoned” women call hot flashes, “personal summers” and that description is spot on.

Clearly wearing my hair stretched is not a great option right now. I’m going to have to revisit the idea during the cooler months.


Just in case you wanted some options on how to help your natural fight the summer humidity here are a few tips from a contributing writer on one of my favorite blogs–Curly Nikki

Personal tips for maintaining natural hair in humidity
1. Go with the flow!
Do not fight the shrinkage because if you really look at it, the last thing you need when the weather is hot and humid, is hair touching your body. Shrinkage is a blessing.

2. Shampoo the scalp, condition your hair. 
With all the sweating and dirt, it’s tempting to wash your hair everyday! I concentrate most on washing my scalp with African black soap (or a gentle cleansing conditioner). I put my hair in chunky braids/twists while washing. Then rinse off and use a conditioner down the length of my hair. Without getting out of the shower, I blot off excess water, apply a leave in and coat the hair with a light oil. This helps prevent dryness, frizziness and knots.

3. Use lighter oils, butters and moisturizers.
Unlike the cold and dry winter season where you have to use a lot of heavy water-based moisturizers and heavy butters to keep your hair hydrated and sealed, when it’s hot and humid your hair will really thank you for using light oils and butters, even if you have high porosity hair.

4. Deep conditioned hair is happy hair in humidity.
I noticed that when I deep condition my hair well, I can safely rock my afro without frizziness or dryness at the ends of my hair.

I think the reason for this is that when the hair is well saturated with moisture, it doesn’t look to the environment for more moisture leading to less poofiness, frizziness and dryness.

5. Switch up your hairstyles.
Heat or tension straightened styles are really not a good idea for humid weather because it will more than likely revert.

6. Make sure to really moisturize and seal the ends of your hair. I’ve had success with applying aloe vera gel/juice to the ends of my hair and sealing in with a light oil. This helps prevent unwanted splits and knots.

7. Do not forget to protect your hair from the sun, from the salty sea and from the chlorine filled pools. 

So there are my top tips for having fabulous hair in hot humid weather.

Good Luck!

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