Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife’s NEW Natural Hair Line

Having your very own natural haircare product line is the new HOTT thing to do right?

Well, Kevin Hart’s ex wife Torrei Hart is in the haircare game now and has launched her line Heavenly Hart by Nzuri.  She partnered with a Houston based business owner, Leola Anifowoshe, as the brand’s co-founder. Hart’s line is an “Inspired Collection” in the Nzuri Haircare Line thus making Nzuri the parent company.

I know great marketing when I see it lol.

Work that last name (Hart) girl!

Now all this leads me to a bigger question. Who is this obvious business marketing savvy superwoman, Leola Anifowoshe?

With a little bit of research I was able to quickly answer that very question.  Leola has definitely dipped and dabbled in her fair share of business ventures.  She got her entrepreneurial start early in life hosting her own neighborhood carnivals at the youthful age of 10.  She went on to major in Business at the University of Houston, she’s the author of atleast 3 books, she has launched her own organizations, private foundations and even a natural hair sorority (PI Nappa Kappa). The sorority was featured on the Huffpost in 2011.

Leola operated a prominent real estate company, owned an upscale African Art’s store, she host’s hair competitions and pageants, as mentioned before she owns Nzuri HairCare and is also a Trichologist. That’s just to name a few of her substantial accomplishments.

Go Girl!!

It seems has though Hart has partnered with a winner for sure.

Now back to these “NEW” Heavenly Hart products…how is that good ole’ price point you might ask?

You can catch the “sale” (you know the actual price below a faux influx marked up figure that’s used to make you feel like you are getting a deal)  by clicking the image above.  HH isn’t the most affordable, but it won’t completely break your bank either. It’s available at an average price point compared to other natural brands on the shelves today. I’m looking forward to reading future reviews. 

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