Shea Moisture Liked my Shady Tweet

I guess you can say Shea Moisture caught my shade.




Here’s what happened…

My blog posts are automatically sync’d to post to my twitter feed because I’m not as active on twitter as I used to be years ago. Years ago I was a bit young, wild, free and reckless at the mouth. My partner at the time thought that I was too “focused” on Twitter and encouraged me to delete my feed at 10K followers. For the sake of my relationship at the time, I did.

So here we are about 7 years later and I’m back on twitter with a brand new page. My original reason for re-joining was to follow Roland Martin’s antics and Black politics but I quickly found myself gravitating to the hashtags and topic that I enjoy most: Natural Hair.

Since I don’t intend on logging into my Twitter App much, I have my blog configured to do automatic posts for me on that platform.

and then this happened….

I got an early morning notification that Shea Moisture liked one of my tweets. It just so happened to be the tweet containing a link to my blogpost shading their failed commercial.  The Youtube commercial from this BLACK hair care company lacked black girl magic and yes many of us felt excluded.

I personally saw it from a different angel. To me it was an all texture-inclusive marketing decision that I honestly couldn’t take 100% offense to.

I love supporting black businesses and as a result yes I’m a Shea Moisture fan.  I love their Curling Gel Souffle and their Low Porosity Collection. I have many empty bottles of each of those products that prove I’m ’bout this SM (Shea Moisture) life.  If you have been following me on social media or my blog for some time now then you know I’ve occasionally shouted out Shea Moisture. Here’s the thing though…I also love when companies PUBLICLY appreciate their core customer base and once again “that” particular commercial–didn’t and Black Twitter had a field day with it for weeks.


sooooo…SM caught my shade. Hey, at least it was informative and honest. Some bloggers will sale you anything to make a dollar or receive free products. I’m not THAT blogger. I’ll take raw truth over pretty lies any day.

In conclusion…to be completely fair, Shea Moisture did quickly redeem themselves with a public apology soon after the release of that failed YT commercial. The Twitter firestorm has subsided so I think it’s safe to say they are back in the “black”.




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