Curly Ponytail On Natural Hair

I have “Pony-Power” lol.

One thing I can do well it’s a wash and go ponytail.

Now I can’t speak for anyone else but for me…It looks simple but “the reward is in the wait”.

What does that even mean? Well, you have to wait until your hair is fully dry after your wash and go routine to pull the curls up into a pony.  The drying process is the longest part of achieving this style, my hair can take a full day to dry.

In this particular photo after washing I used very minimal product (leave-in conditioner and gel), then let my hair completely dry before pulling it up into a pony. I let it dry fully so that I don’t disrupt the definition in the curls and too much handling will introduce frizz.

So again…Wash and Go, Wait, then PONY POWER ACTIVATE!

Drying Time
When the rude shrinkage has ran it’s course and the mane has fully dried…up in the PONY it goes


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