Properties of the Hair and Scalp: Why Should I Even Care?

Properties of the Hair and Scalp

Why Should I Even Care?

Well, first and foremost you should care because it’s YOUR hair! Isn’t that good enough?

We all know that it’s easier and more convenient to have someone else care for your hair but since it’s YOUR HAIR shouldn’t you know a thing or two about it YOURself? Shouldn’t you at least understand the basics if nothing else?

I certainly want to know because maintaining healthy hair is important in my day-to-day life.  Actually an overall “healthy me” is important–hair to toe. When something is important to you you do all you can to learn about it.  I apply that same principle in gaining knowledge about my natural hair.  Right now I’m currently reading MILADY’S Standard Cosmetology (I borrowed it from a close friend).  It’s the most commonly used resource in cosmetology education and one students rely on throughout their careers.  Of course you all know I’m not a beautician nor do I desire a career as one however I enjoy educating myself on topics that are beneficial to me and potentially beneficial to those I may encounter.

There’s a section in this book that focuses on Trichology (the scientific study of hair, it’s diseases and care). This is pretty much the only reason I asked my friend to borrow the book. This is priceless info and already on page 1 of this particular chapter I’m learning new things! After 4 years of being natural and experiencing major success in my hair care journey, overall hair growth and business, learning something new is always Exciting!

Stay tuned…I’ll be sharing.

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