Catch me on Pinterest- HOW BOUT DAT!


screenshot courtesy of Tamara Bynum (Facebook)

At least once a week someone who’s strolling this massive world wide web spots me on a website, social platform or search engine, screenshots it and tag me in it.

I’m always humbled but grateful at the same time for the love I’ve been blessed to receive throughout my natural hair journey.  I’m humbled because let’s face it, NO ONE has to stop strolling to pay your pictures any attention (let alone screenshot it), no one has to stop and tag me on these various platforms when they do spot my photos, no one has to even repost my pics but they do and for THAT….I’m humbled and grateful. Grateful that this world thinks enough of me to see my hair journey as inspiration.

A old high school friend of mine (high school was 16 years ago for me–whoa how time flies) tagged me on Facebook when she spotted my photo on Pinterest. She said she was looking for hairstyles for a wedding when she stumbled upon the above pic. Needless to say…It made my day!

So in the spirit of little miss ratchet Danielle Bregoli a.k.a Ms “Cash Me Outside”…I’m SCREAMING Catch me on Pinterest– HOW BOUT DAT!

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