Where my Hood Vegans At??

Yup, I’m a product of the hood and I’m not ashamed…

I’m also newly vegan…sooooo let me explain.


Listen, when you are from the “hood” there are certain things that you are accustomed to at the dinner table…

Golden Fried chicken, fried hot dogs lol, smothered pork chops over rice, bologna sandwiches with the slit cut in that mug, holiday hams, ox tails and gravy, pig feet, ham hocks, turkey necks to season the greens…you get the point. AINT (Yes “ain’t”) NO being choicy because if you are being choicy—in the words of my mama…YOU JUST WONT EAT.

SoulFood is a BIG deal in black households. Yup, and that was my life HOWEVER at the young tender age of 34…I have given up eating meat. “KALE Yeah I’m Vegan”!

That’s pretty much the look I get when I’m put in a position where I have to explain my diet choice to close friends and family.  It’s almost better than comedy, the looks are priceless.

What is a VEGAN diet?

Well, for me it’s simply a diet free of meat and diary products.  I know, I know, I know…How could one do such a thing? Meat is BOMB and cheese and milk is LIFE right? Umm yeah LOL, I honestly can’t disagree but what I will say is…

Just because something seems GOOD doesn’t mean it’s good for you..

Vegan eating is the best choice for my body because my family lineage is plagued with correctable illnesses brought forth by unhealthy diets. I personally feel 100% better when my stomach is not weighed down by decaying flesh.  On a bigger scale, do you know what the food production industry is shooting these animals up with before they hit your plate?? It’s scary and YOU ARE EATING IT.

It’s mental for me at this point…I’m making proactive decisions NOW for my long-term health so that I can be here to enjoy my future snot-nosed great-great-grands.

I’m choosing to Eat-to-Live, Not Live to EAT. I want FOOD to be my medicine.

Some people chose a VEGAN lifestyle where they give up honey too because sweet little Bee’s deserve to live too. (poor little bees lol). They also give up wearing furs and etc etc…that’s so deep and a whole other story.  For me…again I’m just giving up meats and diary because when you know better, you do better. Documentaries such as Forks Over Knives and What the Health have opened my eyes to things that I’ve known for a while but consciously chose to ignore…”diets based on fruits, vegetables, tubers, whole grains, and legumes makes all the difference when it comes to good health“.  These films “expose the collusion and corruption in government and big business that is costing trillions of healthcare dollars, and keeping people sick“.

My response for that is: “Who the hell wants to be sick?” Why not just take preventative measures? Isn’t your LIFE worth it?

It helps to know that you aren’t alone when you chose to go VEGAN. A great support system is helpful and some familiar names that you know have been Vegan for years…Russell Simmons, Erykah Badu, Venus Williams, Mike Tyson, RZA, Raury, the late-great PRINCE, Kimberly Elise, and your girl Beyonce and hubby JayZ even went vegan for a while.

Honest moment…has it been easy to convert to this new way of grocery shopping?  Not really.  The first week, I found myself simply eating “side-dishes”, you know potato salad, stuffing, green beans, cabbage, fried rice lol.  I wasn’t used to “shopping vegan” so I spent more time in grocery stores walking around looking for items like I was on that old-school show “SuperMarket Sweep” lol.  What I’ve learned is that being a vegan is also about maintaining a balanced diet too.  I’ve decided that it’s easier for me to just use my local grocery store’s online shopping option now, it saves me time and frustration.  I do have a few speciality stores that I still physically go in though like the Oriental Grocery Stores that have this delicious tofu that I enjoy. I’m normally in & out of there in less than 5 minutes.

Here’s another thing I’ll share with ya’ll, I was hungry AF the first day or two lol.  Even though I was eating, I couldn’t find anything that was heavy enough to make me feel full. Now, I’m better equipped and I’ll share some of my vegan resources with ya…I’m 4 weeks in this journey and everything listed below has helped me.

Facebook Groups

Vegan Instagram pages

Vegan ideas on Pinterest

This are my babies. Vegan Cookbooks. “Thug Kitchen” is hilarious! Every other word in this particular cookbook will have you laughing if you can stand “colorful” language

That’s a lot of good info for ya’ll.  I have plenty more but this post is a good starting place.

Another common response to VEGAN eating is “Where do you get your protein”…LOL!  Well, that’s easy, from the same place meat eaters do–PLANTS and Beans. Check out these links for your plant based protein..
*The Eco Guide

Just start your own research, there are plenty of events, vegan groups, bakeries and restaurants in your area that you may not have even been aware of.  It’s your choice and well…It’s a beneficial decision if you do choose.

Share the Health-Wealth!





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  1. Amazing post! Definitely an enjoyable, informative, and beneficial read.

    1. Thank you!!!!!! I appreciate you!!

  2. Evette Pledger says:

    Love the read sis. Awesome, we just cut out meat first, well I did, but your boy wanted to do vegan all the way. The kids eat what I make, like last night we had black bean burgers with Portabella mushrooms, avocado, tomatoes, and lettuce. A lot a times we are lazy (well I get lazy) and want to make something quick. But, like Ki said we did it before for 21 days and we can do it longer.

    1. thank you sis!! I’m so happy to know that ya’ll have decided to dive into this Vegan life! It’s so beneficial to our health! Those burgers you made sound DELICIOUS!! oh and I understand the lazy part, I’ve begun “weekly meal planning” to combat that. It works!

  3. Awesome post Vee!!! Thanks for sharing. No it’s not easy but it’s a beautiful journey. We need to be more concerned about where we get our b12 from more than protein. Plant foods have more than enough protein. We will do this thang together And continue to spread the awareness and teach others.

    1. Thank you sooooo much Michelle! Let’s chat about that B-12…I noticed a few other vegans talking about it in a fb group some time ago. It’s definitely worth a discussion! Thank you for continuously leading the pack!

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