Blogger Week Conference (ReCap)

Blogger Week “UnConference”  (Recap)

I snagged this suit from MACYS. I needed something bright and festive. First impressions are lasting impressions and this suit definitely captures my personality.
Blogger Week
It was such a pleasure to HOST for the 2nd year in a row

This past weekend (8/12/17) I had the pleasure & honor of hosting the 4th Annual Blogger Week “UnConference” in Washington, DC—AGAIN!

Yup “again” you read that right.  I was asked back after hosting the conference last year.

In case you missed this year’s event…don’t worry I GOT YOU Boo!

What is an UnConference? It’s simply a relaxed conference atmosphere where people get to be authentically–them.  You don’t have a fake YouTube voice, you don’t have to be dressed in a suit and tie.  You DON’T have to spill all your accolades to get professionals to speak to you.  You get to relax your nerves, NETWORK, CONNECT & LEARN.

This year the conference was even more AMAZING.  I real-life wanted to cry when this 8-hour event was over.  It was high-energy, action-packed, informative, wall-to-wall networking.  Now, looka-hea, I need you to understand something…the type of networking in these types of social settings are the “real-deal”.  For me, the connections made produce successful, lasting results.  In fact, I still keep in contact with some of the attendees I met from last year and I have no doubt this year will be the same.  I’ve actually formed genuine friendships at this conference. Even as the host, I’m able to sit back during the sessions and learn so many media tips, blogging tricks, PR short cuts, branding strategies and much more.

The founder of this event is Jessica Ann Mitchell-Aiwuyor.   Jessica is a reoccurring panelist on The Roland Martin Show, she has been interviewed and quoted by MSNBC, Business Insider, Policy Mic, The Tavis Smiley Network and Sirius XM.  She’s an emerging voice in Black cultural thought and an award winning writer.

This powerhouse journalist sees something in little ole Veronica…so she books me and gives me FULL creative freedom.  She arms me with an event-itinerary, introduces me to the sponsors before the event begins THEN let’s me loose.  I love the fact that she completely trusts my presenting style.  I’m a bit unorthodox if you haven’t already noticed.  I’m always ME- pumped up and ready to cut-up honestly LOL.  I make the most of every moment no matter where I am or who I’m around.  I love to laugh and make people smile and Jessica loves my energy.

Slaying in the shade ~ Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor photo courtesy of
Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor photo courtesy of | photo credit: Veronica Mullen

The conference features speakers, panels and breakout classroom sessions where attendees learn on dozens of topics that are beneficial to their brands, blogs and businesses.  This year’s 8-hour conference featured the following sessions:

  • Blogger-To-Author
  • Instagram Stories: How to Produce Marketable and Meaningful Live Content
  • Saving Black Lives: Presentation by the “Truth Initiative”
  • Writing as a Nicheless Blogger
  • Creating a B-HAV (Big Hairy Audacious Vision) for your Blog
  • Optimizing Your WordPress
  • Memes, Vemes and Short Clips. Learn the Art of StoryTelling
  • How to Create Your Own Mobile App
  • Social Media for Non-Profit Organizations
  • The 5 Most Important Steps to blogging for National Media Publications
  • Boss Up Your Brand: How to Win People Over by Being the Best Version of You
  • The FLY Girl Guide to Branding, Advertising and Sponsorships
  • More Platforms, More Problems: Simplifying Your Social Media Marketing
  • How to Cultivate Community When You Aren’t Blogging Consistently
  • How to Protect Your Brand While Securing the Bag
  • How to Ensure the Journalistic Integrity of Your Blogs

and last but not least…our NetWorking Lunch Hour included a dynamic presentation by the president of UMC (The Urban Movie Channel), Ms. Traci Otey Blunt

traci otey blunt
President of Urban Movie Channel: Traci Otey Blunt




Blogger Week


So this was my outfit for Day 2….

Keep strolling I’m getting to that in a second LOL….

​Here are a “few” photos from the

Main Hall of the Conference…

(I was hosting and working so I couldn’t capture as many as I wanted)

Sunday’s Fashion Show at the Ritz-Carlton


​Blogger’s Week attendees also got to go to a fashion show at the fancy Ritz-Carlton.  The show featured celebrity stylist- Geneva.  A week before this event, I designed my own attire and hired designer Renee McRae of L&RDesigns to bring it to life.  L&R Designs is currently based out of Virginia Beach, VA and you may have seen me in a few of her designs before. I’ve blogged about it at least twice.
Meet~”Sexy Dark Chocolate” aka MY Husband lol!. Ain’t he fine! His bow tie matched my skirt (purchased from L&R Designs)

(Above) Footage of the chill “pre-gaming” vibe before the fashion show began.  The breeze was perfect.  My cape was loving the light wind.


Show photos (below)

Here’s what some of the presenters

and attendees were saying about me…

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and as if things couldn’t get any better…this happens!



Welp Mahoganies…​that’s a summary of my weekend…if you would like more information on next year’s conference feel free to send me an email. I would love to hear from you.

Email:, mahogany crown


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