Wash and Go Goodness!

Hair still drying in this pic…used @embracemenaturally Defining Foam and Slip and Shine Custard
Day 2 hair w/ @embracemenaturally Defining Foam and Curl Custard

Omg! I stumbled upon another great product line!

I’m so excited to share this hair care brand with ya’ll because I was low-key stalking them on their Instagram lol.

When searching through some of my favorite hair hashtags on IG I came across multiple videos of 4c naturals using Embrace Me Naturally‘s Defining Foam and Slip & Shine Custard for wash and go’s and….BOOM!  MAGIC!

I’ve stuck gold again! These wash and go’s look AMAZING ya’ll.

 ​Don’t believe me? Just watch!! (click videos below)

I began following them for a few weeks, liking their pics and videos and eventually a connection was made which led to me receiving/reviewing the product myself and inking typing this post.

So what’s the Mahogany Crown grade for these products?  Ya’ll I can’t lie, I have to give them an…

I have to give credit where it’s due.  This is now a “go-to” product for my wash and go’s.  Hell, anytime I want to achieve popping curls, I’m grabbing Embrace Me Naturally.

What I’m most impressed by is the DEFINITION and HOLD I was able to achieve with minimal effort.  My hair is flake-free, frizz-free and surprisingly soft. I applied this product to super DRY untamed hair and it instantly brought my hair to life with only 2 products used.  Yup only 2 products, the foam and the custard.

Listen….us naturals actually have it “good”.  Why? There are so many products available on the market that we can add to our hair care regimens. For me, that’s actually a gift and a curse.  A gift because out of thousands of products to choose from you are bound to find something that works really well for your hair.  A curse because of the same exact reason, you may have to try tons of products before you discover what works best for YOUR hair and as a result shopping around until you find your magic potion can get a bit costly.

Mahoganies, I’m recommending that you try out @EmbraceMeNaturally products. I’m confident that you will love them.

 Those are the words that stand out when I think about these products.

I got MINE…you better get yours!!

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