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Good Bye Comfort Zone

For the last 4 years, I’ve been in a “by any means necessary” type of beast mode.

That work ethic comes from a place of survival. If you have always had a crutch (someone to fall back on) then you won’t fully understand what that means. In 2015 I hit the height of my earning potential and by the grace of God and my work ethic to accompany it, I’m still maintaining.


“Faith without Works is dead”

Last week, in Washington, DC I guest-hosted the 3rd Annual Bloggers Conference. Attendees paid $99 for an 8-hour seminar and got to rub shoulders and network with writers, popular bloggers, journalists and media mavens.
That one event allowed me to be sponsored to attend another related event with all expenses paid. (travel, hotel, meals, event ticket price $400 and etc–all paid by a corporate sponsor).

When it’s come to certain details of my personal life, I’m a private person so the following post is a little out of my norm but lately I’ve been feeling compelled to share some of my success secrets in hopes that it will help someone else.

Why do I even want to help?

Well, You can NOT have a crabs-in-the-barrel attitude in this thing called life because you never know who you may need. You can be up one minute and down the next so staying humble is your best bet.
Real success comes from “changing the lives of people around you” and that’s what I hope the information in this post will do for you.

The first thing you have to do is to say
“GoodBye to your Comfort Zone”



If you don’t then you won’t make it to the next step so hang up your cleats now and stay cozy on the bench admiring go-getters from the sideline. Chasing your dreams is not easy breezy. In fact it’s quite nerve wrecking and scary at times but like a very successful author told me…

“If your dreams don’t scare you then¬†they are not big enough”

To get something that you never had, you have to do somethings you’ve never done.

If you take that first step lightly then you are not ready for the rest of this post.

  • Say Goodbye to your secret insecurities.
  • Say goodbye to your fear of thinking people won’t support you.
  • Say goodbye to laziness.
  • Say goodbye to procrastination.
  • Say goodbye to the “know-it-all” mentality.
  • Say goodbye to people around you who are not trying to progress to the next level.
  • Say goodbye to too much TV because while you are spending hours sitting there being entertained, everyone that’s entertaining you on that TV is getting PAID except for you even the cameraman (let that sink in).
  • Say goodbye to hours upon hours of being unproductive on social media. It’s too time consuming and you should be pouring that extra time into building yourself.
  • Say goodbye to negativity because as your life begins to change you simply won’t have time for foolishness.
  • Say goodbye to shortcuts because the road to success has a tons of bumps and curves and you are going to make plenty mistakes along the way but you can NOT get discouraged at every pit stop. Repair, Refuel and keep it moving. I’ve worked for millionaires with multi-million dollar businesses and huge errors happen daily and do you know what they do? They damn sure don’t roll over and die or dwell on the problem. They found solutions, fixed it and moved on.

In 2015 I had 9 different streams of income. Yes 9.
(8 of these I worked from HOME generating over $82k in income)

  • I signed a $55K administrative contract
  • I worked as a photographer on the weekends and made over $4K doing so in my spare time
  • I was an editor for an online magazine
  • I was a content creator for a popular video hub
  • I had my own marketing business on the side and made over $5K in my spare time
  • I had multiple hair product contracts that collectively paid over $6K
  • I taught a few workshops throughout the year -$3K
  • I mentored new entrepreneurs over the phone and offered business consultations for $30/an hour
  • I had a few paid speaking engagements
  • and I even had hair product companies sponsor me and shipped tons of freebies to me all year long (one less thing I had to pay for)

Needless to say, I wasn’t turning down any coins!!
I started going hard with my hustles because going hard was my only option. I literally had no one to turn to when times got rough financially. No one. My parents aren’t in a position to throw me a financial life raft, my family isn’t either, child support rarely comes and isn’t guaranteed so I never even held my breath for that or get mad about it. In my reality…I don’t even have anyone around me that can loan me $50 if I needed it so I HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO GRIND.

Do I want to commit to 9 streams of income–YES! I’ll commit to more if I could!
Because I understand the value and importance of multiple streams of income. Some may only want one job that pays $82,000 BUT what if that opportunity ends unexpectedly? You are going to find yourself back at zero frantically searching for a replacement.

Listen, I grew up out the hood and that’s not the life I want for my children. After high school, I went to college and as a struggling young mother, I moved back to the projects and lived there for about 3 years because that’s all I could afford. ¬†Hearing loud scary gunshots almost every night (and sometimes in the daytime) motivated me to better MYSELF so that I could better my life. I don’t want any parts of the hoodlife. I HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO GRIND.

When your back is up against a wall…you are either going to let life beat you down or you are going to come out swinging.
I chose to start swinging.
90% of the opportunities that I was awarded—I CHASED!!
So guess what… you are going to have to have some DRIVE AND AMBITION.
I didn’t have time to wait for opportunities to knock…I had to find them.

Many nights I wanted to cry (and did) when I was overwhelmed. Many times I wanted to throw in the towel when frustrated but one thing that I didn’t do was stop because I HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO GRIND.
I started arming myself with knowledge and self-taught skills that I figured I’d needed if I wanted to position myself for financial freedom.

My home bookshelves are at capacity and my many notebooks are now full of things I’ve learned and continue to learn over the years and I use the knowledge as arsenal on my success path.

How did I do it?

  • I sacrificed and PAID professionals to teach me their skills. You have to invest in yourself! I sacrificed going to clubs, bars, movies, fast food restaurants, unnecessary household purchases, sneakers, designer clothes, weaves, nails, eye brow maintenance lol and etc. I fell back from spending my money on things that I couldn’t get a return on. (let that sink in)
  • I humbly asked professionals to allow me to PAY and shadow them while I took notes and asked tons of questions.
  • I found a business mentor!
  • I traveled to out of town workshops to learn and network.
  • I sacrificed and PAID for manyyyyy workshops that offered courses that would teach me how to move around ‘movers and shakers.
  • I practiced public speaking so I could free myself of the “stage-fright” demon.
  • I learned how to build websites on multiple hosting platforms.
  • GOOGLE became my best friend. I google EVERYTHING! Even words I don’t understand.
  • I sacrificed sleep to practice my skills, many times going to bed well after 2-3am before having to get back up to get my 2 children ready for school at 7am and reporting to work by 8-9am.
  • I signed up for tons of webinars from professionals who were already on the road I wanted to travel on. I stopped listening to broke people. Sorry if that’s too harsh but if a person has not successfully traveled down the road you need to travel, then why are you listening to them?
  • I subscribed to business publications so I could stay refreshed on topics professionals were interested in. Afterall, if they were interested —that meant I was too!
  • I frequented venues where professionals hung out to SEE how they moved. I studied them. Essentially I studied who and what I wanted to become.
  • I practiced self motivation and learned the power of daily affirmations.
  • I learned how to market myself.

As you can see, this list can apply to ANYONE, no matter the skill-set or what industry you are interested in.

Grind because YOU have to!
I also do my best to keep God first. I never had a real connection with God until I realized that God was all I had to depend on. I had no peace in my life until I decided to live my life in honor of the most high.

As I stated in the opening of this post, I feel compelled to share this information so in my next workshop on
Saturday November 12, 2016 (<—click here to view workshop information. Discount for Early registration available)

I’m going to physically show attendees step by step—

  • How to easily build a professional personal or business website
  • How to create and receive payment options online.
  • How to market yourself or your business
  • How to connect with valuable people/companies
  • How to get sponsors
  • How to create professional administrative documents of any sort for your business
  • How to create marketing material for your business
  • How to apply methods from business publications to your idea/brand/business
  • How to gather footage for promotions
  • Maximum Exposure
  • How to turn your skills into freelance dollars
  • The Importance of Email Marketing and much more.

Even if you are looking to learn how to build starter websites or professional documents for extra income on the side…this workshop is for you! Many people go to 4 year universities and pay THOUSANDS of dollars for the skills you will learn in this workshop!

Be there!

As with anything in life, If you go hard…you will produce.

If you are ready…then I’ll see you on the other side of Success!



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