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Today’s Hair Journal
Ok, so I’ve decided to start keeping somewhat of a ‘Hair Diary’. Yup that’s what you can call it.
It’s mainly for me to keep up on how much I update my regimen since I get soooo many questions on my hair daily and it’s never a quick and easy answer.
The most common questions people ask are:
  • What do you use in your hair? (see answer below)
  • How did you get your hair like that? (see answer below)
  • How long have you been natural? 5 years
  • How long IS your hair? mid-back length when straightened


I definitely want to be a resource for you all.
Yesterday while making a quick pit-stop in the grocery store…I was literally stopped 3 times in 10 minutes about my hair. It’s seriously an everyday thing and I absolutely love it.
The first encounter was 2 cute little twin boys around the ages of 4 maybe 5. It was a gorgeous day out so I was buying some beef hotdogs to grill and while on this particular aisle in the store, all I heard behind me in these cute little teeny voices was “I like your hair,  I like your hair”. It was sooo adorable so I waited for them to say it one more time before turning around because I really wanted to hear it again. Soon as I turned around I saw their mom who was also a beautiful natural and she was smiling from ear to ear. Kudos to that mom for raising her young Kings to appreciate the beauty in natural black hair.
The 2nd encounter came from an older man who revealed that he was 61 years old but in my opinion he could easily pass for being in his late 40’s. He did a double take when he saw me and in mid stride he blurted out “I know that’s all your hair.  I’m a stylist and been doing hair for over 30 years, your’s is stunning”.
The last encounter happened soon as I hit the exit…I was about to collide head first with a woman due to me texting, she was coming in the auto-sliding door at the same time. We shared a laugh and she excitedly said “honey I love your hair”.
All that in 10 minutes. I love this Natural Life.
ok blah blah blah, what did I do to my hair to achieve today’s look…..
I’ve actually been practicing the 
“LESS is More” 
approach lately. 
I’ve haven’t been into “doing the most” with this hair ya’ll. Nope, I’ve been a little lazy.  I’m now on Day 14 of this twistout.
2 weeks ago I washed it.
Current Wash Regimen:
Step 1: Pre-Poo–Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner (balances moisture)
Step 2: Clarify– ApHogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair 
(I had some shedding after I took out my faux locs a month ago).
This shampoo normalizes your pH and helps strengthen hair.
Steps 1 & 2 are OPTIONAL depending on the needs of YOUR HAIR! At this point on my journey, it’s necessary for me for a few weeks.
Step 3. Shampoo–Trader’s Joe’s Nourish Spa Shampoo (balances moisture)
Step 4: Condition– Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner (rejuvenates hair and alleviates dry scalp)
Styling Regimen:
After I washed & conditioned, I sectioned my hair into 4 sections, finger combed it out then put one BIG 2-strand in those individual sections and let my hair air dry to about 90% without oil and products before I begin to style.
I’ve found that if I don’t put anything in my hair after my wash, it dries faster. If I put oil on my hair directly after my wash it takes like a day to air dry fully.
The point of the BIG 2-strand twist is for my hair to stretch while air drying.
When almost dry, I sub-divide those sections into a few smaller twists using Blueberry Bliss Leave-in Conditioner. I seal that moisture in with my very own Whipped Growth & Moisture Shea Butter that I make at home.
Nightly Regimen:
Use the Blueberry Bliss Leave-in Conditioner to twist hair, rodd the ends, put your silk bonnet on and go to bed.

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  1. Gloria Speed says:

    Are you going to start selling your Whipped Growth & Moisture Shea Butter

    1. hello there Gloria. Yes it will be available before Christmas, right in time to protect your tresses from the harsh winter months.

  2. I sure am!!! stay on the look out!!

  3. thank you Tia!!! I appreciate you taking the time to read sis!!

  4. Will you be selling your whipped Growth & Moisture Shea Butter soon?

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