Blogger Conference Recap

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Saturday August 19th’s Blogger UnConference in Washington, DC concluded 4 days of nationwide events, symposiums, trainings, meetups, panels and networking known as “Blogger Week” 2016.

Annually bloggers, journalists and social media mavens link up for powerhouse events hosted by Black Bloggers Connect. This year, YOURS TRULY (yes me: @royalbeautyv) was the UnConference Main Moderator.

Let me stop here and say….

“If you missed it, you missed a treat”

isn’t that what all annoying people say when they are taunting you for missing something? LOL

All the tricks of the trade and secrets from successful bloggers were revealed and given away to us in hopes that we’ll find success in our endeavors using the same techniques. Some of the topics discussed included:

  • State of the Blogsophere
  • Making Instagram work for you
  • WordPress/ No Coding Required
  • Tweet to Profit
  • Blogging for the Broader Audience
  • Creating an App for Your Blog
  • Hashtag Activism
  • Storytelling with Canva
  • Travel Blogging
  • Publicist Secrets
  • Email Marketing
  • and How to Engage with Influencers.

These topics were thoroughly presented and delivered with precise clarity. I sat in attendance literally experiencing a zillion “ah-ha” moments. The panelists were simply on point and the best part about that was the fact that they had the SUCCESS to back up their knowledge.

a few flicks with the attendees

I went with the sole purpose of NETWORKING and making connections and honey, that’s exactly what I did. I reaped the benefits of these connections immediately and took home tons of information to implement, study and follow up on .

The 2016 Blogger Week UnConference was a Win-Win for me:)

Have you been to any business related events lately? Do share in your comments below….

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