Turning Ideas into Business

Turning Ideas into Business
I believe that everyone born on God’s green Earth is also blessed with God given talents and gifts.
” Your gift will make room for you”
~Proverbs 18:16
Gifts are endless. You may sing, dance, cook, teach, write, draw, play an instrument, you may be athletic…the list goes on and on. We all have the capacity to tap into those individual inner abilities. Some will, some wont. I often ask people what their talents are and responses are always pretty interesting to me.  Some people even respond by stating “I don’t know” or “I don’t have any”. My initial thoughts are always, “hmmm that person doesn’t spend enough time alone”. Some people have too many distractions in their lives that deter them away from identifying their own uniqueness. Don’t be that person.
Your gifts and ideas can birth a business. Today I want to encourage you to release ideas from your mind, put them on paper and birth them into reality. It’s truly as simple as that. Just about anything can be done under the sun.
The first thing that you want to do is:
Know your area of interest like the back of your hand.
Write a business plan that includes an Executive Summary, a Business Description, Market Strategies, Competitive Analysis, a Design and Development Plan, an Operations and Management Plan and Financial Factors.
Find out what your audience likes. We would all like to think that the world is our marketplace but the reality is, not everyone will fit into your target audience.
Identify your competition and find out what they are doing. Learn from their mistakes, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, just add some creativity to it and make it yours.
Develop a 30 second brand summary.
Partner with influencers and small companies that can help you grow your audience and see how you can benefit each other.
Build a website showcasing your brand information and please keep in mind that people are visual consumers so having professional pictures in place is very beneficial.
Start meeting folks, make connections and grow your circles. (via social media and in-person)
“Your Network = Your Net-worth”
Develop Promotion Strategies then HIT THE GROUND RUNNING!
“You don’t have to be great to get started but you do have to get started to become Great!”

I took my own advice when I began my natural hair journey. (YES! I turned it into a business)

  • To date my face/hair photos have been featured on hundreds of websites…
  • My hair photo is on the front of the Braid Lounge Salon in 2 locations in Virginia Beach, VA.
  • I served as the editor and content developer for the extremely popular NaturalHairMag.com for over a year. That 1 platform alone has over 1 million active facebook members and my most engaging photo on this site drew in over 20,000 likes and hundreds of shares within hours.
  • I’ve also been featured on Curlbox’s social media page which is home to over 266,000 fans
  • I was signed as a Carol’s Daughter brand ambassador for a year and was featured on their national Target ads.
  • I’ve signed paying contracts with Team Natural Hair products and Curls.biz
  • and my natural hair head shots have been on BlackDoctor.org along with many other popular national natural hair platforms.

It all started from an idea. An idea that formed into a business. A business that has generated a great second income for my household and I’m still finding new ways to learn and grow.

What ideas do you have to turn into a Biz?


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