Is Summer Over Yet?

Listen, I’m surely not one to complain about how Mother Nature choses to conduct her business. I personally love 3 out of 4 seasons: Spring, Summer and Fall.
Yup, I purposely omitted Winter. I’m definitely not a fan of the cold. It can be brutal so we won’t even bring that up…growing up, my mom had a favorite saying that she taught me.. “if you don’t have nothing good to say, then don’t say nothing at all” lol.
This woman here loves Fall Fashion over any other season hands down!
I love the ability to layer my clothing and I’m a cape, trench and outerwear Queen. I’m anxious to pull my colorful trenches back out this year. I’m even planning to throw an African twist to them this fall season!!
Come on Fall!!!

What’s your favorite time of year for fashion?




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