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Community Mentors
This past Sunday August 14, 2016 I teamed up with my Queen-Team and we offered a Teen-Queening Workshop for young girls ages 12-18 in Hampton, VA. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…I learn so much from kids, working with young ladies is just as much for me as it is for them! I always leave refreshed. I love the energy of teens and workshops in general. This Teen-Queening Workshop offered the teens the opportunity to gain knowledge of self and the secrets to Success.
My bestie Monique Yesenia opened the workshop by having the teens introduce themselves and sharing with us something they love about themselves (which is something I actually do at every workshop) then she began teaching the young ladies about Black Queens in History because…

“if you don’t know where you come from it’s difficult to determine where you are and even more difficult to plan where you are going”  

~ Joseph Lowery


Teen-Queening  Workshop August 2016
My other bestie Dana McRae filled in the middle session by teaching the young ladies the importance of taking care of their bodies and I concluded the workshop with an hour and a half presentation about the Secrets to Success.
Investing time into youngins is very rewarding. Seeing them grow and thrive is the prize. Mentors provide help with personal development, motivation, guidance, advice, counsel, knowledge, and encouragement when you need it most.
I was successfully mentored as a teen (by the beautiful Queen pictured below) and my success in life is a direct reflection of it because I could have ended up like majority of the girls in my neighborhood. Growing up, my surroundings were not pretty at all, I was a small rose blooming in a concrete jungle. My neighborhood was down right dangerous, below poverty, ghetto and wicked. I knew young girls that got pregnant in high school, I knew girls that were victims of rape and incest and I even knew a few girls that were murdered. All this at such a young age. If you are not careful it’s easy to get sucked in and become a product of your environment. There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not thankful that God saw other plans for me.
Let me trip you out with a full circle moment…the virtuous woman that sowed much of her time, energy and even finances into my life in my teen years came out to see me do what she did for me: Mentor.
I can barely describe the feeling, it’s so emotional. I know for a fact that without this woman my outlook on life would be very disadvantaged. She showed me a better way to look at the world, despite my surroundings. She pushed me to “learn, grow and excel” even when there’s was no audience watching or someone there to pat me on the back. She taught me how to ‘not’ wait on a “Congrats” or a “job well done”…she showed me the importance of doing it “for me”. She is was my first true example of what success looked like, she took me under her wing and gave me the secrets by walking the successful walk and talking the success-talk. She ejected me out of my environment  and took me out of town with her often. That in itself showed me that the world was bigger and more beautiful than the block I spent 90% of my time on.  She pushed me to pursue a teen-modeling career that required a 3-4 hour drive to Washington, DC every single weekend as soon as school dismissed to meet with the agency I was signed to. She always showed me the opposite of what living in the hood shoved in my face daily. I owe her the world.
Me and my childhood mentor
During my session at the workshop, I blessed the teens with tons of FREE school supplies that were graciously donated to me by sponsors that I called upon. Thank you Deerehaven Farm, The Braid Lounge, Adrienne Pearl, Asorbas Salsa, and Tavaris Powell for helping me make this day memorable for the community.
Teen Queening was a huge Success!

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