Back to School Hair

Hey parents/guardians… daughters are fun aren’t they? And the older they get, the more “hair conscious” they become (hopefully lol). Well back to school hair is easier than ever before.

Make braids your “go-to” style!

I added perm rods to her ends after this photo
snapped this pic while she was in motion (you can see the curled ends)

That’s exactly what I did this year. Braids are EXTREMELY POPULAR , especially due to the explosion of the natural hair movement. You know we consider our braids a “protective style”.

Braids are just soooo convenient. I went to the Braid Lounge Academy and in 1 day I learned how to cornrow during the summer. I’ve only actually braided a real head (my daughter) once because she just returned from her summer vacation lol. The photo shown of her walking down the street is my very first braided style on a live person. I’ve practiced a few times on a mannequin during my free time here and there and considering that I’m a beginner-braider I think I did pretty well.

I cornrowed her sides up into a mohawk and twisted the middle. I’m hoping this lasts at least until Sunday (6 days) before needing to be refreshed. This school year is most certainly going to be FULL of braided styles for miss thang, her and I have already discussed it and she’s actually excited about it.

In fact, I don’t know who’s more excited: me or her. I definitely can use a break on styling. Who wants to spend time grooming hair everyday if it’s not your profession? Honestly, I don’t. I’m also the same person who is not willing to give a hair stylist all my hard earned coins when I’m very capable of doing hair well myself. My own hair care methods have proven to be more successful than the efforts of so-called professionals anyway so I’ll just stick to depending on myself.  

Learning to braid was my way of finding balance. It was a great decision. 

Here are a few more photos of her hair during past school years…apparently I seem to love mohawks on her.


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