15 Foods to Help your Memory

HELP!! I can’t remember a darn thing! My memory is not as sharp as it used to be and honey I “used to be” surgical scalpel sharp lol!
I sailed through elementary, middle, high school and college easily, I’ve flourished in my own business adventures and have held down top positions at multi-million dollar companies. I even have a few certifications but if put on the spot about a name of a movie that I’ve undoubtably seen–honey count me out LOL! I can give you some cloudy details but the title of the film and actors names apparently aren’t stored in my memory bank because I’m going to honestly tell you that I don’t know lol.
This may be too much info but a very vivid memory of mines that I recall very often is being told by a physician that my memory was sharp and I still take pride in that moment. I was 16 years old visiting the GYN for the first time for a normal annual checkup. It was a rather awkward experience because of the obvious…it was my first time having a stranger examine my vajayjay (my term for my you know what), this stranger was male and on top of that I was still a virgin. So yes, AWKWARD and Uncomfortable are the feelings that still come to mind when I recall that experience. 
Anywho…he asked me the date of my last monthly cycle and I spit the date out so fast with very little thought that it caused him to just stare at me for a few seconds and then ask “are you sure because you didn’t even seem to think about my question”. 
My response was “well I didn’t have to, I just know”.
He was impressed and followed up my response by stating “your memory is quick and sharp young lady”.
All these years later that one statement has continuously rang in my mind and it now kinda haunts me when I can’t seem to remember new things. What has happened since then, after all at 16 years old I didn’t have much going on in my young life so being able to recall things weren’t difficult during that time at all. My only major daily activities were school and reading. I was an avid reader back then. Am I being too hard on myself lol? Maybe. Maybe not. 
I’m steadily trying to figure out what has changed in my life that has ultimately had an effect on my ability to recall simple memories or better yet the ability to recall minor things like phone numbers, things on my mental grocery list, name of authors and books, movies what I had for dinner last week ( am I even suppose to remember every meal anyway?lol) and etc.
What’s clogging my memory?

Is modern life putting our brains under too much pressure? 

Am I experiencing information overload?

Am I trying to recall and process too many thoughts at once?

Could I be relying on my mobile devices too much?

Am I overburdened with life distractions and adult responsibilities?

Could I just be feeling the effects of getting older–oh Lawd!

Or is it diet??–could it be???

Or is it a decrease in continuous informational vs. entertainment mental deposits

I was running down a list of possible variables then I stumbled across an article on dailymail.co.uk that spoke about The Goldfish Memory Syndrome. It appears as though many people are beginning to suffer minor memory problems. Experts and professors of neurobiology have conducted studies that put my mind to ease a little: We are not suddenly getting stupid LOL, modern life is just putting our brains under too much pressure and eating away our memories. We rely too much on gadgets, organizers, navigation and other systems to do the remembering for us. That results in memories never being stored on our own internal hard drives. 
Our brains can’t cope with trying to do so many things at once. One psychologist called it “cognitive overload”. Scientists have discovered that women who are chronic multi-taskers have the worst memory problems because they are always focused on whats directly around or in front of them, they are always thinking in the future on what “needs” to be done and can’t seem to keep things separate in their minds. 
Well lawdy! That’s definitely me! We are overloaded with data such as cell phone passwords, computer passwords, email passwords, pin numbers, and etc. On top of life responsibilities in general we are bombarded with a continuous avalanche of new information to digest and remember. The internet, phones, TV and other devices and gadgets spit out new stuff constantly.
Well how can you be proactive with feeding your brain and assisting your memory? Well, for one…slow down and refrain from doing some of the things listed above. Secondly what we put in our mouths affects our brain, our memory, the ability to handle daily tasks, obstacles, stress, complex problems and even our moods.
Here are 15 Foods that aid the memory:
Coconut Oil 
Beans and Legumes
Dark Chocolate
Red Cabbage 
Sunflower Seeds
Whole Grains
Do you have any foods to add to the list?
Thank you for Reading!!

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