10 Ways to Care for Your Afro


Who really wants to spend hours in their hair each day just to achieve a wearable style? Not I honey!
I need Minimal effort with maximum results and when I’m feeling extra magical, I sport my all mighty Afro!

Here are 10 ways to care for your Glorious Afro


Avoid tangles and stress by employing simple techniques. Don’t wash your hair upside down because doing so tends to tangle the hair more. Depending on your length…wash your hair in sections. Many naturals divide their hair into 4-5 subsections in preparation for their wash routine.

2. Chose a good SHAMPOO

Good styling begins in the shampoo bowl. Afro textured hair tend to crave heavier styling products so be sure you are cleansing your tresses throughly during your wash regimen. I prefer clarifying shampoo’s once a week and I follow that up by using a moisturizing shampoo right behind it before conditioning. When washing my hair, I shampoo it at least twice before proceeding with conditioning. I like to make sure my hair and scalp is clean of any oils or product residue. I do not shampoo more than once a week. If you can go two weeks, that’s even better so you can retain moisture.


A gentle co wash product is great for refreshing the hair mid-week. Co washing is always an excellent way to refresh the hair while adding in a little more moisture. There are many co washing products on the market today:) My fav is As I Am Coconut Co Wash Conditioner. I even use it as my styler sometimes.

4. Don’t over handle your hair

Resist the urge to meddle too much. Keep your hands out of your hair when wet because you will cause frizz and disrupt your curls.  When the hair is dry and you desire to fluff, do so at the roots and all work on roots should be done from underneath hair so you don’t disturb the top texture.


When selecting a good conditioner for my hair, I’m pretty much searching for a conditioner thats I’m to give me great “slip”, gives my tresses incredible softness and detangles my hair in the same process. I’m very generous when apply conditioner to my hair…I apply a silver dollar sized amount on each subsection and work it in just by massaging it in slightly.


Need a quick and effective hydration hit? Pimp your water with a boost of conditioner. Fill a water spray bottle, add some conditioner to it and spritz it in,” It’s a great revitalizer.

7. Stretch your Afro AT BEDTIME

To reduce shrinkage or wild, crazy, matted-looking hair, section your hair before bed by platting or two strand twisting and unravel in the morning.

8. Blot with a T-SHIRT…

Do not use towels to dry your hair after your wash. Just Wrap a tee shit around your hair and blot. Don’t even rub because rubbing causes friction and can break the hair.

9. Don’t forget your SILK SCARF at bedtime

Use a silk or satin headscarf or bonnet so your pillowcase it’s sucking up all your hair oils and moisture at night. Pillow can cause dryness, brittleness and breakage from the friction.

10. Treat yourself to a scalp MASSAGE

Massages encourage blood to flow to your scalp. 5 minutes of softly moving your scalp and fingers around in a circular motion is a fast way to better hair health. That soft but firm stimulation boosts your hair follicle’s ability to grow.

Thank you for Reading!! Happy Afro-ing!

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