5 Ways to Keep Cool Under Pressure

5 Ways to Keep Cool Under Pressure
I’m a happy wife.
I’m a proud mom of a 13-year old.
I’m a proud mom of a 10-year old too.
I also work a full time job in management for a private military contractor.
When I’m not engaged with any of that I’m actively pursuing my own dreams in life.
Honey add all that up and one thing I’m consistent at is being TIRED!
LOL, this Tamela Mann meme is my life and I don’t want to hear anything inspirational right now lol. TRUTH is I’m tired!
Let me be transparent and give you some honesty (which is rare amongst the “picture perfect-everything-is-going-good-in-my life” lying bloggers of the world)….honestly I’m often mentally drained. When you are tired, it’s easy to snap lol.
Am I the only one?
Are people this honest anymore?
With all the hats that I wear daily…I’m an inconsistent blogger, because my responsibilities to my family and my bills consume me. I don’t have the desire or energy to do anything else after all my other primary duties are satisfied.
When I need to mentally release though, one thing I always come back to is this blog. What’s interesting is I actually think about blogging more than I sit down and actually type a post out LOL! How backwards is that.
Listen…let me get to the point, I’m NOT superwoman.
Nope, I’m not her! What are some of the things that superwoman is known for? Oh, come on…you know!
This chick has superhuman strength. She’s fast. She’s impossible to harm or damage and on top of that the damn damsel can fly.
Sometimes I’d like to think I can slap an “S” on my chest and act Super Amazing but I don’t have superhuman strength.¬†
I’m vexed with things “I wish” were happening verses the “reality of what’s really happening” in life just like everyone else.
I don’t have Superhuman speed.
If I did I’d be so much more further in life than my current position as far as my dreams and goals are concerned.
I don’t possess a fictional invulnerability.
Although I don’t fall easily when metaphorically pushed and I’m pretty good at handling the punches and jabs of everyday LIFE (so I like to think), I’ve been very hurt by close friends and family before and even emotionally damaged in past relationships just like everybody else. Yes, I too feel vulnerable, powerless, and defenseless sometimes.
In the comics, superwoman transforms into her cape and quickly takes flight to maneuver to and through her obstacles BUT in reality we can’t do that. In fact we have to hypothetically turn our legs into strong roots so that we are grounded and not easily moved in the midst of storms. In life, strength comes from planting your roots deeply during storms.
One thing I’ve gotten pretty good at though is keeping my cool. I keep a level-head amidst all the craziness that life brings, amidst daily struggles, amidst uncontrollable frustrations, amidst unpredictable family issues, amidst workplace annoyances, amidst irritating derailments of simply living lol…I stay cool.


“Because LIFE is 10%-what happens to us and

90% how we react to it”

That’s a quote by Dr. Dennis Kimbro¬†and it’s spot on! Our reaction to situations has the POWER to change the situation itself!

Nowadays people are so quick to fly off the handle, easily angered, constantly pissed off, never happy, always complaining, and I’m often left just staring at them like they are crazy for a few seconds before stepping in to help them keep their “cool”.
We all are dealing with LIFE! We all have a zillion things going on. We all experience being “over it” and overwhelmed. Life it’s not always as easy has people portray so there’s no need to front. In fact, life is actually very challenging to the average person.
So how the heck do you KEEP YOUR COOL?
1. Master Your Emotions
Your emotions should not overpower your intelligence. Don’t be a slave to your emotions by letting them control your actions. Emotions are temporary but can permanently destroy you. When you find yourself super emotional just think of the consequences. Most things that send you over the edge aren’t really that serious anyway when you think about it on the grand scheme of life. In comparison to what’s going on in the global community…are your nagging issues really that big?
2. Think outside of the box
Your personal perception of things are not always correct. Challenge yourself to think differently, adopt new perspectives. There’s are multiple ways to skin a cat and multiple solutions to problems. Think and chose the best approach before taking action. Be solution-oriented instead of dwelling on the actual problems.
3. Don’t take everything personal
Most things are NOT deliberately directed at hurting you. Develop an immunity to the actions and opinions of others because more often than not, their actions have nothing to do with you personally. What people chose to say and do is merely a reflection of THEM, not you!
4. Think before you speak
You ever heard the phrase: It’s not what you say– it’s how you say it? It’s true. Differences in opinions aren’t the real culprits of conflicts…it’s the tone of voice that you chose to deliver your opinion in, that causes issues to magnify.
5. Read your bible daily
Honey, a scripture a day keeps negative energy away. You may not even be a spiritual person but the lessons of the bible reveal solutions to every single thing you will ever have to go through.
Let’s chat…What are some things that you do to keep cool under pressure?

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