This is 1/2 of my tribe…I’ll go beyond the call of duty to protect mine and I know other parents feel the same about their kiddos.

Today on facebook I saw a vaccine awareness video posted by my bestfriend who’s a very vocal advocate of the anti-vaccination movement. The video hit home and brought tears to my eyes.

The video posted below is about the high levels of aluminum and other toxins inside the HPV vaccine.

I’m very open to new information and strive to be the best parent that I know how to be so I do my due-dillegence and research new things from multiple angles before forming my conclusion. I never blindly follow what others say. I for one don’t wholeheartedly believe that scientists are trying to kills our kids with toxins however, some things that parents share online with the public are pretty alarming and worth a second look.

There are sooooo many parents speaking about the effects that the HPV vaccine has had on their children. It’s very sad to hear and even more heart-breaking to see.

As a parent, you know that our instincts are to protect our children by any means necessary and we think that’s what we are doing when take them to get vaccinated. Do we ever really really reallyyyyyy think about the possible side affects though? I mean really? We always assume that something can’t happen to our kids when it comes to things like this but I’m sure that was the same thought process of the parents of the children affected too.

Melanie James, the mom who shared this video stated…

…toxins inside of the Gardasil/HPV vaccine destroys the nervous system and attacks the remaining functions of the body. It turns a perfectly healthy body into a prison of sudden uncontrollable torture and physical decline.

Before seeing this video and reading more of the information she shares on her facebook page, I was ignorant to the dangers of the vaccine. I can’t dare put my children at such risk after seeing this. stated…

The news coming out of France regarding criminal lawsuits due to injuries suffered by young women after receiving the Gardasil vaccine, are stories you will never read in the U.S.

The reason for this is because the U.S. pharmaceutical companies who manufacture the vaccines have total legal immunity in the United States, granted to them by Congress in 1986, and upheld by the Supreme Court in 2011.

Wow…that’s more information I never knew. Pharmaceutical companies who make vaccines have legal immunity that allows them to avoid prosecution for offenses in America. Again, wow. So even if those meds physically cause harm to innocent human beings, no one is held liable.

In France, complaints were filed on behalf of young women suffering from a variety of autoimmune disorders including lupus, Guillain-Barré, ADEM, idiopathic hypersomnia and multiple sclerosis after being injected with the HPV vaccine.

Japan has completely haulted the vaccine.

There have been countless permanent injuries and many deaths reported.


Form your own opinion…just be aware.

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