I’m now partnered with!!
Listen, I’m extremely hyped about my new partnership with my all time favorite product company!!
When the moment came to accept and send back in my contract, I was in shock. I actually had someone say to me “why are you in shock, these things come easy to you”.
My answer to that was “I can’t and will not ever get used to being blessed because it’s only by the grace of God that I’m awarded so many opportunities”. It will always feel new to me,  I can never get used to God’s love, grace and mercy because even if God decided not to grant me any other opportunities…he has already blessed me enough. I’m truly appreciative and grateful for alllllll things.
During this hair journey when I first returned to natural and actually begin to care for my hair properly and wear it out…I was introduced to a sample size of Cashmere Curls Leave-in conditioner at a hair event. I instantly fell in love.
This is the product that changed my perspective on my hair. I came across this product very early in my journey and I credit many great hair days and the absence of very common hair fustration to THIS PRODUCT! This leave-in made my hair melt like butter and gave me the ability to work with cooperative, soft, manageable tresses. I knew very early (3-4 years ago) that it would be a staple.


I use it on wet hair and dry hair. Ok let’s fast forward….ok so over the years I’ve became a bit obsessed and very dependent on all the products from the collection. They ALL just work perfectly for me which further makes this partnership even more special to me.  I partnered with them for many reasons….
1. I’m a huge fan of the brand
2. All of the products are a part of my hair care regimen
3. I strongly believe in the brand and love the “back” story of the brand’s founder Mahisha Dellinger.
4. Curls has supported me even when noone at the company knew me. The company sponsored my first hair symposium with absolutely no hassle. At that point I knew I would be a customer for life.
5. The website is very informative and takes the guess work out of what products to chose by categorizing the products by hair type. (wavy, curly, very curly, kinky)
6. and the extracurricular activities that the brand’s founder are involved in such as the

“CURLS Girls Rule the World: Empowering Entrepreneurs Luncheon” for 100 young ladies of color, are causes that speak to my heart because my life’s mission involves helping as many women of all ages as I can.

I believe in this brand and what they stand for. I’m delighted to be a partner!!

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