I believe that  MOTIVATION  is a key ingredient in the recipe for Success.

Many times its comes from an unexpected source and when your heart and mind has clarity. . . your spirit will know when your motivational deposit is right on time.

MOTIVATION generally begins with a simple conversation but why do we even need it? Because there will be times that you are going to honestly think about giving up and quitting but MOTIVATION makes you think about why you even started.

Mahogany Crown is the home for motivation, inspiration, and issues relevant to women of color.

Mahogany = refers to the many hues of our beautifully melanated skin

Crown = is the symbol used when referring to our royalty; or ancestral right of passage as Queens; our views that haven’t been permanently altered by western society; it also references our naturally textured hair unaltered by harmful chemicals and fictitious standards of beauty.

Over the course of the last 10 years, I’ve been a blogger and my site names have evolved with my personal growth and my maturity as a woman. As I fully transition into who I’m destined to be, so does my message and my brand. Mahogany Crown speaks more passionately to my heart that anything I’ve created to- date. It encompasses my desire to spread positive messages of strength and substance to women globally.

Queen put your crown on and Journey with me…

Welcome…I’m Royal Beauty Veronica, the creator of Mahogany Crown

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