Scalp Massages for Hair Growth

Have you ever heard that scalp massages stimulate hair growth?

I have.

In fact, I heard this from a hair stylist about 20 years ago and you know what I did? I dismissed it. I didn’t dismiss it because it was unbelievable, I dismissed it because it just sounded foreign to me and I was too young and dumb to put 2 and 2 together.

Over the years, THAT tip for hair growth haunted me though. Every now and then I would replay the conversation in mind after unsuccessfully exhausting other growth methods that involved some “alleged” miracle hair product. When I returned to natural and begin my own in-depth research on black hair, growth tips referencing scalp massages resurfaced and this time I payed attention. What did I have to lose?

I consistently began practicing this method about a year ago, mainly focusing on my rear crown (my trouble area) and I can honestly tell you it works! It’s a great technique for areas that have thinned due to weaves, braids, breakage or areas that seem to grow slower. I’m experiencing great success, my hair is flourishing all over.

For regular hair maintenance, a 1-minute massage is adequate. Use the tips of your fingers to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, it causes blood to flow to the roots of your hair. When the bloods begins to flow oxygen and nutrients are delivered allowing the hair follicles to produce hair.

Tip: Make sure you actually feel your scalp moving when massaging.

Try it, it works.

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  1. Charity Pannell says:

    Thank you for confirming this because your hair is beautiful. What advice or products do you use to support your hair growth?

    1. RoyalBeautyV says:

      I make a lot of my own products from ingredients in my refrigerator. As far as national brands…I love products which can be found in Sallys, Target, CVS and etc. My #1 piece of advice is pleaseeeee be gentle with your hair and keep it moisturized especially the ends if you desire length retention. I rarely use combs and brushes and do majority of hair care techniques using my fingers only

  2. Rachel says:

    Thanks for the info and confirmation! Someone told me about this and I do it often now.

    1. royalbeautyv says:

      You are very welcome luv!

    2. telishamarie says:

      I have tried using simply my fingers to detangke but I never feel like it is effective. I do use a wide tooth comb but only after applying detangler and I use a small tooth comb for the ends of my hair almost everyday since I have begun to do flat twist every night! Lol! Is this bad. I feel like my hair had gotten thin from daily wash and go’s and going days without detangling/combing etc. Also I still have so many little knots on the ends. I cut most of them off but left alot as I feel I would be bald if I gave my self the cut that is really needed. 😕 Thoughts and help please!

      1. RoyalBeautyV says:

        One thing that jumped out at me in your reply was “giving your hair the cut it really needs”. I was once where you are now…didnt want to cut the damage out, KNOWING thats what I needed to do. Months later I ended up doing exactly that and it was the best decision ever because my hair begin to thrive after that.
        If you feel as tho your hair is thinning please don’t continue doing what you’ve been doing, its time to switch up your regimen—maybe fall back on the wash in go’s and dont do them as often. Make it an every now and then style. Another tip….I use leave-in conditioner almost daily. It makes my hair softer and more manageable…its my most used styling product and here lately it’s been the only product I’ve been using on my twist outs. Lastly if you have knots on the ends of your curls it’s time for a trim my love… 💋

    3. RoyalBeautyV says:

      It seems so simple thats its almost unbelievable but it works lol

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