Be Encouraged

Good day Queens and Kings!
I once saw a quote online that said…
“Encouragement is like oxygen to the human spirit.
If you are carrying someone else’s air…encourage them and help them breathe.”
I thought that statement was pretty profound so today I’m encouraging YOU!
Some people choose to constantly keep it moving, others choose to stay locked into the past, others stay stuck on “what could have been”, and then there are those that aren’t afraid to explore the unknown….one thing is for certain, LIFE goes on.
Maya Angelou reminded us that “you may not control all the events that happen to you but you can decide NOT to be reduced by them”.
Just stay strong!
You are much stronger than you think. God is with you every step of the way.
I know things can get tough but somewhere whether you know it our not, you still have a cheering squad shouting on the sidelines for you..waiting for you to cross the finish line and win. Today I’m your cheering squad.
When life pushes you down, fall on your knees…that puts you in the perfect position to pray.
God is never too busy to listen to you, so don’t get too busy to talk to him!
one LOVE!

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